“Gemma are you doing Crossfit now?? ”

I LOVE this question because I’m really unsure how to answer. ‘I guess so….’ Normally comes out. Pretty much after the first session I was hooked. There’s also another thing – if someone you know does Crossfit, you’ll know coz ‘THATS ALL WE TALK ABOUT!’ 🙂 I’m new at it so Im all excited about all the PB’s Im hitting so leave me alone or join me ha. I’m happy!

Yes, I did a course where I learnt the basics or ‘fundamentals’ in Feb/March. Yes, I joined a ‘box’ a month ago. I just love training and really whatever keeps me happy is what I’ll do. I still train like I always have I’m just having a little fun. Read previous blogs for more details on my training.

Bit of a background on my GYM experience that I havent shared – years ago (2005) I started my fitness by walking on the beach (cool story bro but true). Then started running. I was an office worker straight out of high school and those boozy weekends and lolly lunches needed to be burnt off somehow! I did a few fun runs over a few years and thought I needed something more. I wasn’t really the best runner. So in 2009 I decided to focus on building a better body and gym instructing (Mum did Step back in the day so it must be in my blood). I loved the women I saw in my fitness magazine, like Monica Brant and Jamie Eason with the fit bodies and also I loved attending gym classes – front row, spandex, ready to sweat! Goal was set!

Watching a bodybuilding show in April 2010 I knew the bikini/sportsmodel division was more my thing as I didn’t have any muscle so in late 2010 I did that… two times, two shows locally and two Nationally, then seven shows the next year – three local, four National. I also completed Les Mills modules and taught a classes for extra bikini bling money. At this time I was working one full time job, three casual jobs, plus my PT study, had a long distance relationship which nearly involved me moving to QLD and somehow fit sleep in there.

The bikini/fitness modelling has been a nice little hobby – I’ve set goals and achieved them. I have continued to build some muscle which is basically the foundation I need – and will continue to shape my body now with what I have learnt. I have been supported by people along the way – Muscleworx in 2010/2011 (www.muscleworx.com.au), Amelia Ricci (www.livingbeauty.com.au) my work place and my gorgeous friends and family have also chipped in to help. I’ve also been able to help the Living Beauty girls with their goals on a weekly basis with the guidance of Amelia (www.livingbeauty.com.au – currently all booked until July at this stage…) with a few of them stepping on stage in a few weeks.

I will personally be competing in JUNE! ANB Asia Pacific Weekend is such a fun weekend, I love it. (www.anbasiapacific.com). That’s 10 weeks away and we are all booked and ready to go.

So where does this ‘Crossfit’ come in. I love the gym and training. I went to an event in Mildura in January to judge the State of Origin Crossfit You Fit Event and saw these people who were FIT. It wanted to put that back into my training as my fitness was not improving despite the training I was doing. So this was not about Bodybuilding vs Crossfit as you see of social media and hear around the place. It was about ‘me now’ vs ‘potential me’ – as it always is.

So the other thing that gets asked and that comes to mind is to those who have always wanted to give this thing called Crossfit’ a go – Is Crossfit is expensive…$$$$

Being a sole homeowner with some amazing bills that she needs to pay, who loves to eat food, go on a sneaky holiday every year and treat herself occasionally, I had this in mind. Truth is $220 got me 12 x 1hr min sessions to learn the basic (www.crossfitadelaide.com). That’s $18.33 per session with two trainers and under 12 people in the classes. Then comes the memberships to the facilities if you want to join and these vary. Look into ways you can save money here (corporate, concessions, usage) but if you pay a normal gym membership and pay for a trainer – your Crossfit membership basically includes the personally training in each session you go to. You are always going to learn. Best thing is to go check it out. The next best this is to ask the trainer when you can do the fundementals so you can learn – My current home is newly opened CBD location in Adelaide Crossfit Mode (www.crossfitmode.com.au). The sacrafice I made was quiting my gym of 7 years…. it just needed to be done

As they say, CrossFit’s specialty is not specialising. It’s constantly changing, which keeps your mind and body from getting bored. Your weaknesses can not hide either – which can be ego destroying and refreshing at the same time. You will naturally become an athlete ready for anything. The members at my local box have the best attitude – new people walk in from off the street and are welcomed to give it a go. I saw this actually from all the places where there is a huge focus on having an open mind but going forward with proper technique.

The classes have a good split of males and females. Guys I think love it for the physical challenges of strength and endurance and I believe us girls love it because it does burn our energy and we start to see changes in our bodies in a supportive environment. We get to lift some good weight too!

But I’m not aiming to be the next Camille Leblanc-Bazinet or Julie Foucher (copy, paste, YouTube) – I did enter the Crossfit Open for a ranking and I’m current the 2018th Australia Female (yeahhhhh buddy! Haha). Kind of like Fitness Modelling – I’m not trying ‘model’, I never was (which is really what you do – you become a brand and market things of fitness! To me it was just the division I fit into). I have however loved and will love any opportunity that is created from doing what I do as fitness is such a love of mine. It’s been kind of cool to buy magazines and there is a picture, a cover or article of a friends or a TV commercial comes on and BOOM – there’s someone else that you know that has worked hard day in and out and got a little spot on TV. You realise that you have gone from reading the magazines to getting amongst it – even being featured yourself. These are REAL people.

So with my head securely screwed on and my goals to do 20 pull ups, deadlift 120kg, row 1.35/500m,, run the City to Bay in under 55mins, raise money for Moorook Animal Shelter and help girls reach their own goals in sight for 2013 – I will continue to do whatever it is that gets me out of bed in the morning, helps me reach my goals and keeps this big smile on my face.

Why do I set goals or do the things I want to do – it’s my spirit. To those who have read this far my NEXT adventure is SOLO SKY DIVING… I’ve contacted my local training organisation, know what it takes to be an instructor, know I wont make any money but it’s something I want to do. You cant do it for the money, you do it for the love.

What do you love?… DO IT!

IDEA: There are 30 days in April – we have just past Easter – how about what YOU can achieve in 4 weeks. It’s pretty amazing if you really sit down and listen to what you want then go get it. Power of attraction is fantastic. You get drawn to the right people and start to make better choices. Yes, you may fail, but what if that stopped you every time you tried something. The thought of never giving something a go is far worse in my mind then failing. You learn and met some great people if you allow. So what is it?? Know you can do it. Ask good questions, listen and respect others, create opportunities that never exsisted. HAVE FUN 🙂

Hope you liked my update

End of the day the message is simple:


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