Hi again everyone,

CW back again with more bits and pieces from my bodybuilding world. 

In my last blog I spoke of goal setting combined with passion and purpose as being essential elements of our existence. They give us direction and are hence very motivating tools. Another motivating aspect of this sport for me is the motto that we should always strive to better ourselves and never accept mediocrity, even when others try to drag you down and tell you that you will never get there.

For me I have always walked away from a contest with various emotions ranging from disappointment to satisfaction to elation. Regardless of these feelings I have always listened to my close peers, assessed my contest photos, critically analysed the DVD of the show and used that as a launching pad to create and even better version of myself in 6 or 12 months time. 


I literally look for the ‘holes’ in my physique and contest preparation that need to be modified, create an action plan and then go to work. I know that if I apply that action plan to the letter and put in 100% then I have to improve. And for me if I feel that my physique is presenting better then that in itself feels like a victory. Sometimes I haven’t placed where I would have liked but when someone that has watched me before or even judged me previously comments about how I looked better on this occasion then that definitely spurs me on to try and keep chiselling away at getting better. As I always like to say “I just love to stay in the game”…so the acknowledgement of self-improvement really does inspire you and give you the impetus to train harder than ever before! 

Part of the action plan to self-improvement in Bodybuilding is the absolute need to keep on refining your posing skills, particularly the compulsory poses and quarter turns. One pose that seems to get commented on frequently is my ‘trapover’ most-muscular pose.

This was a very difficult pose to master as rotating the scapulae vertically upwards is not an easy movement to do. You also need to have enough muscle mass in your upper torso to effectively pull it off. When done properly this pose looks quite menacing as it gives your physique a very 3 dimensional look and shows off your vascularity really well. One of Louise’s  work colleagues said after looking at a photograph of me executing this pose…”It’s like his insides are coming out, he looks like an alien!” Comments like that are actually a compliment in our sometimes weird and whacky sport, as we are always trying to stand apart from the rest of the crowd!

My most-muscular prior to 2005 was always the upright statuesque version which looks very symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing on the eye. So in evolving this pose to incorporate the trapover version that has added another dimension to my posing repertoire to try and get the judges attention.

To action this pose you first put your best leg forward resting on the ball of foot to bring out all the muscles of the quadriceps from adductors to outer sweep. Next bend at the waist, bring your elbows straight back, form a fist with your hands and then bring the arms forward bending at the elbows whilst flexing the biceps. Keep your chin up to prevent shadows on your pecs and try to rotate your scapulae upwards to show off the trapezius muscles and all 3 heads of the deltoids. Difficult to do at first, but once you get it, it’s like riding a bike and will become second nature for you. 


So now under 10 weeks to go till show #50, but who’s counting anyway!  Low intensity canine cardio with my Beagle Mr Brown is locked in place early every morning before breakfast taking about 40-50 minutes. I will have one scoop of my ON Whey Gold Standard protein powder before I head off so as to help preserve my lean tissue as the weeks go by. Evening cardio is usually higher intensity on the Life-cycle either 40 minutes in duration or 21 minutes of my “Peak-9” interval cardio which I will discuss in detail in a future blog.


My weight training doesn’t change too much as I am always trying to build muscle even during a pre-contest phase, I love my Dorian Yate’s style HIT training and will discuss my own version of this at length on another occasion as well. In the mean time you can check out this training on the bodybuilding.com supersite via Dorian Yate’s 6 week trainer. There is plenty of information, printable PDF workout logs and interesting mini videos to watch that helps explain the whole system. 


I do enjoy disseminating my knowledge and experience through this blogging forum and hope that some of my stuff can assist you in some small way, either from my advice or by motivating you to strive harder. This great sport has been so very good to me over many years so it is nice to be able to give something back I guess.

All the very best till next time and may you all stay “niggle-free”! 

Kind regards, Craig W.