Only a week after we had a massive weekend on the Gold Coast  – how am I feeling??


I put this down to the fact that one: I compete in bikini and fitness and have a mindset that I am fit all year round. I set goals – like a comp, or a photoshoot, I tighten everything up and showcase my best on those days and then get back into rountine as soon as I can.  Fitness Modelling if this is a goal – you need to lead by example and live lean and healthy ALL YEAR!


Have I reached my best?… This can be taken different ways. I personally reached my best for that day YES! I stayed healthy, giving my all to all areas work, family and self development, I worked 3 jobs, I had a great review at work, I have paid all my bills, I have kept my life in order while competing and will get where I want to be. Daily consistent actions overtime will pay off.

I look at myself from a competition point of view and I have put on the lean muscle, I just need to tweak some things for next time. I do not need a overhaul or to run myself nto the ground. I do not want fat burners or to loose myself – I want to remain true to me and my wellness so I can be a great role model, trainer, daughter, friends, workmate while hitting my personal goals.


This week, I went back to work, I prepped my meals in line with a post competition plan and really enjoyed some new things my coach, Amelia from had me eating. My body is getting used to the change in foods and training but I am really enjoying doing what I do now, learning and letting my stubbornness slide.


Listen to your body. I was unconsciously physically and mentally tired. No lie, I sleep 10 hrs each night from when I got home Wednesday. That’s now 5 nights in a row of solid rest. I think I’m now re- energised to kick some goals.


I put this down to such a build up of excitement for the ANB Asia Pacific weekend, I did more than I imagined. I had two photoshoots, I was interviewed by the most ripped fitness model and mc Obi Obadike, I competed in two divisions on the Monday, took home a trophy, had a great time with some amazing people.


I  flew back home, getting in late Tuesday and up ready for work on the Wednesday where I needed to step up and be a Team Leader as my manager was away, aswell as catch up on everything I missed while I personally was away.  Gotta earn them dollars.


Also made sure I spoke to my family most days, I caught up with my coach Amelia  and  also made social time to see people that I love.


So what did I learn from this competition that will help me for the next goal.


*A post competition plan is paramount – get one written up so you are not lost and follow it the best you can. Many competitor lose their mojo, don’t know when to stop eating. All I can do is focus on myself and what makes me feel good – and that’s good food, good company, rest, hydration, and easing back into my training with a full body workout , some abs. Getting back onto what I need to do for the next goal is what I find is best, whatever that may be.

This blog  wrote may help:


*Build relationships , they make the journey so much more special– thank the people that helped you. From the girl that helped you with your tan or the providers that you used. Everyone did their part and YES, you did alot of the hard work but we can forget that people often made the journey what it was and also made it enjoyable. Reflect and take the time to show some gratitude. In a selfish sport – it’s not all about you (I’m not preaching, I’m reminding myself) and you actually are inspired by everyone that has that positive attitude. More people in your circle that have characteristics that you respect, then you also being to remind yourself of your value as a person and the opportunities available.


* Win, Lose, Place, Compete, Support…. doesn’t really matter, it’s how you played the game. I saw tears, I’ve seen tantrums. I heard opinions. Yes, it may mean alot to you, we all worked hard, have your moments in private around the people that love you. The ones that do not judge you for having a hissy fit, a bad day they just want you happy and healthy.  I always give my best, and if I did that then I am happy. I will look at the pictures and videos with my coach and compare to what I want to do, and do what is necessary to be where I want to be in a month, 3 month or a years time. Competitions or not. I have my reasons that drive me and these are the basis of EVERY decision I make.


* ENJOY doing something different – I have tried some different foods this last 6-8 months, I’ve trained different, I’ve freaked my body out and feel amazing. I have added LIFE to my training and nutrition. Take this week, I’m eating some RAW-nchy food, not just standard meat and veg, with good fats and carbs.


Zucchini as an alternative to pasta with a homemade flavour infused sauce and Mushrooms stuffed with some good stuff – these vegetables have really not been in my menu before.  Amelia has added some recipes into my plan that personally I thing are amazing and really opens my eyes to FOOD.  I also made my first lot of Protein Balls (Living Beauty style) – again never made ‘protein’ balls and after comp preps after comp preps, letting myself really experiment with food is truly giving me an appreciation for creativity.


Even my comp prep food was yummy. People were no longer looking at me like I’m eating like an animal and interested in my combinations. I added in my fresh herbs and spices that really gave a kick into the flavours and aromas of my food. So don’t be scared about trying new stuff, find what works for you so you continue to do something with passion.  Meal plans can be tailored for you just visit for packages


I’m learning from others, happy with how far I’ve come over these last few years and really am following the motto to compare yourself with your potential. Good, Better, BEST!

So what’s next? I discussed this last night with a good friend. My short term goal is to get on an Adelaide stage on September 15. I will be improving on what I’ve got and hope you get to follow my journey. I’m also running the morning after comp for the Starlight Childrens foundation. Every year I run, this year I run for a reason. Making kids smile so donate if you can



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