Thankful that the ANB has kept my blog space and information up here!

Amazing that without promoting the blog all up there has been 24,000 visits to what wrote for just a 12mth period.

I really only wrote just one entry a month and were about anything I thought would help those girls (or guys) wanting to compete in the ANB. I did not write my exact diet or training at any one time, I did not post pictures of me in a bikini or selfies (there was no facility for me to get pictures up easily nor did I feel I needed too) and I did not do the updates for any money or sponsorships – but I still got feedback that my written reviews helped so many just by sharing my experiences.

Your favourites were definitely the COMP DAY updates! You hit those entries hard!

So I found over the years that I can reach far more people via electronic media. I do love the magazine though and they will never go out of style. Hope one day when I get the rig out on a good photo-shoot I end up on the cover of one of those babies! That would be awesome just because I have been ready fitness magazines since 2007 when I decided to look after myself a little more. Little did I know that the people behind those photos and stories are really one of a kind and normal down to earth people like you and I and it’s been an absolute privilege to get to know so many others that love fitness.

It has now been 12mths since I last competed in a bikini or fitness division… sounds like I’m in a confession sessions.

·         Have I stopped training – NO

·         Do I prep my food – YES

·         Have I been involved in the community that is bodybuilding – YES!

·         Will I compete again – Mayyybbbeeeee. Crossfit has built on whatever base I had and I now have muscles on my muscles. So have to see where I fit conditioning wise

·         Do I eat clean – Well let’s just say I eat well….

I have good food most the time because I like it and it’s easy. I do eat out and make it more about the experience than what I shove in my face. My body hates me if I eat too much of anything and I normally just eat for my performance and wellbeing – I do not eat to look a certain way which is different to what I did 2009-2013. I sometimes will have dairy be that ice cream, custard, milk (I have no intolerances), however if I don’t want it I won’t have it. I went vegan/Vegetarian for a bit as I watched a documentary… I now buy my meat and animal products with a bit of conscience. I eat in line with what I learnt from my mum and also what I have learnt from Living Beauty. Keep it simple. Make it tasty. Enjoy.

The Future:

I will be at the ANB SA Show – there is a Living Beauty stand. We also have girls that we train (not just for the stage) that have been in the ANB shows and my goodness are we proud of all of our clients. Season B approaches and I’m sure it will be better than ever.

I am currently LOVING just training for increased fitness, strength, performance, team work skills and mental challenges to show I can do something. We all get told to believe in ourselves but it’s not always so natural. We hold back, get scared, and forget that we can. I found that I sometimes think I can’t lift a certain weight or run a distance and physically but with the training I do each and every day, the rest I take, the food I eat – IT IS POSSIBLE. My mental game needs to change and it may take someone I’m around to remind me to give it a go. This is also relevant to the bodybuilding shows and goal setting – we all can have the best plan of attacks, coaches, and circumstances but if we cannot believe in ourselves how are we going to ever get up there. I know that I have to remind others that they are worth the effort – making time for themselves to fulfil their goals be that on or off the stage.

I will be doing so local team challenges Sept/October where our fitness is put the test. I recommend others play new sports or do things that they always wanted to do. I know you all look good, but please do not neglect or avoid doing other things you might  love, or  being great at your job, or just being a good person. I thought I was doing great but stepping out of the comfort zone of eat, sleep, lift, repeat, showed me I could be so much more. Like service my car on time (may be a female thing) or be in a relationship with someone besides myself.


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