Very excited to be sharing my 2nd journey to the ANB Oxygen Fitness model show! Preparing for such an event like this is such an exciting time for me. What I love most is that you are able to display your personality through stage presentation and costumes in the various rounds! My favourite being the fitness themed wear and I have an amazing new spectacular costume brewing for October 13th.

Aside from that there is plenty happening in the gym and kitchen to get myself in my very best condition for this show. I must say I’ve learnt a lot in the last year when it comes to my food and how my body responds. I’ve done the no carb, low carb, no fat, low fat story and to be honest it really just makes me shrivel into a lean bean! I want some substance, muscle and sanity please!! So this year I’ve teamed up with 3 times Mr World Champion Charlie Duca to do just that. I’m really shocked to see my results. I look back at pictures of myself 2 years ago and the gains I have now are absolutely amazing! He’s taught me a lot about not needing to change things that work and most of all the importance of water and CARBS!!!! I love my carbs so I was over joyed to hear I was having them 5 times a day… Hell yeah! I’m now 6 weeks out and pretty much ready to hit that stage with confidence knowing I’m in my best ever condition. I’ve adapted a healthy way of eating for life. If I want to eat something a little devilish I don’t feel guilty or hateful at myself. I’ve leant to be realistic, after all who can live without chocolate & ice cream…. ?

Now that I’m 6 weeks out its time to pick up the pace with posing and stage presentation. I cant stress how important this is to me.

I tend find myself in the mirror of my spare room practicing my walk and posing, my aim to make it look as natural as possible.

It really is an art! When I’m up on that stage I forget about everything and go into my own world, so I need to make sure everything on stage is second nature. It just needs to happen with minimal thinking.

I imagine being there and I actually get butterflies! LOL

The goal at nationals this year is to present a much more athletic look, display more muscle but still keep it feminine and classy.

Bring it on! I’d like to say a big special thank you to ASN for sponsoring as an athlete, it really is a privilege. For real knowledge about supplements these are the people to see!

A special shout out to the ASN Darlinghurst Team! Thank you J

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Laura Debenedictis