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Craigs Blog #33

post image • It is also important to not let yourself go in terms of your condition. One quick way to lose focus and suffer from the blues is put on too much body fat too soon. My favourite old adage "look good, feel good, am good" rings true here. I'm not talking about staying ripped, I am merely suggesting that not drifting over 10-12% body fat would be a great way to still stay in good shape whilst trying to add quality lean muscle mass to your physique. And then when you see the changes to your frame this in turn will spur you on to maintaining some focus. And, you will be surprised at how good you will look with some extra muscle whilst still being relatively lean, most people prefer this look, so expect lots of positive feedback...some people may even accuse you of using performance enhancing substances!!
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Craig's Blog #32

If you have a stressful day job then you may find that training afterwards may raise your already elevated cortisol levels even more.

I have personally found that training on non-consecutive days helps remedy this and allows your levels to come down before your next workout day.

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Craig's Blog #31

My decision to have this year away from the bodybuilding stage was

based on my quest to make some changes to my physique by

improving some of my weak points via extra rest and recovery and hard


Currently I am around 8kg or so above my stage weight but can still see

my abs as well as separation in my quads. My golden rule for the

offseason is to never get too fat as dieting back down is risky in terms

of losing hard earned muscle mass whilst going hard for an extended

period trying to lose all that 'excess baggage'.

It's not very enjoyable either!!

My goal now is to compete in one more season of Masters competition

in May next year so as to round out a wonderful decade of Masters

contests. I will then look forward to moving into the Grandmaster's

division (50 years and over).

Some may refer to this division as the old timers league, which whilst

true, still inspires me to still strive to improve and present as muscular

and aesthetically pleasing a package as humanly and NATURALLY as


I have continued my own version of HIT style training this year with just

3 workout days per week. This has allowed me to get plenty of rest and

recovery time whilst training relatively heavy.

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Craig's Blog #30

CW's Pre-contest Do's and Don'ts Part I

"The Do's"

1. Do keep your daily carbohydrate consumption in check by regulating your intake according to your needs.

2. Do have a scoop of WPI before performing cardio in a fasted state (eg: first thing in the morning).

3. Do sip on BCAA's (eg: Extend or Aminolast, etc) during cardio to help preserve lean tissue.

4. Do increase the intensity of your weight training sessions by reducing your rest time between sets.

5. Do drink plenty of water throughout the day.

6. Do consume plenty of fat metabolising cruciferous vegetables (eg: broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, brussell sprouts, asparagus, etc).

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Craig's Blog #28

The recent October contest season was another enjoyable experience and journey and I must say so was the post contest rebound! The growth spurt in the weeks after a contest is something that we all need to take seriously as it is a time of making some great gains all whilst staying relatively lean. The proviso with this of course is that you carefully and incrementally add extra calories back in, reduce cardio levels (but NOT to none at all) and maintain your weight training intensity. You can always take a few extra days off the gym later on. For me, this rebound usually lasts for about 3-4 weeks and then the gains plateau, at this point I set my macros and try to stay quite 'clean' with my daily meals. I also maintain cardio sessions of 20-30 minute duration around 3 or 4 times per week. So since my last show on October 13 I have added only 3 kg of body weight and am still quite lean. My plan now is to slowly add another 3-4  kg over the next few months before embarking on a slow and steady run in for September/October season in 2014.
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Craig's Blog #27

Well here we are at the end of October and another contest season for CW is done and dusted. This year has truly flown by and has been so busy incredibly too. The great thing I guess about being busy all the time is that you always have lots to reflect on and I feel that is an important part of maintaining that sense of purpose in your life which is one of the 3 essential ingredients in being a happy and well-rounded person. The other two key elements are of course passion and love, which I have alluded to before in previous blogs.
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Craig's Blog #26


I always say "if you want something done, then ask a busy person"...when you are busy with a hectic routine you always seem to be able to schedule things in at the twelfth hour, including weight training and cardio. And I have just managed to keep my head above water with that too.

I am now 6 weeks out from the inaugural ANBWA Bodybuilding and Fitness Mania which is to be held on Sunday September 29 (see the final poster below).

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Craig's Blog #25


My goal now is too get ready for the ANB's new contest in WA scheduled for September 29. This should be another great event for the ANB and I already know many people that are very keen to both watch and spectate this show.

Below is a recent backyard photo with my 3 first place trophies from the May/June State contests as well as my second place statue from the awesome ANB Asia Pacific International. The photos were taken two weeks after my last show with no tan, all my water IN and an extra 2kg of bodyweight!

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Craig's Blog #24

When we arrived at The Watermark we were first reunited with ANB National President Robert Powell who always gives us a warm welcoming reception. Robert has done so well with the ANB Federation in creating such a great organization for natural athletes both in terms of a level playing field and looking after the competitor's interests. His shows are always so well received and the atmosphere is one of excitement, energy and entertainment every single time.
Robert and I were chatting for some time about how things were progressing and in particular about the great news of the ANB kicking off in WA later this year with a show scheduled for September 29th. We also were very mindful of the commitment and effort that both Maria McCarter and David Salamon have put into this event so as to get it up and running.

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Craig's Blog #23


As I have discussed before the journey to the bodybuilding stage is really the greatest part of your preparation. It is a true test of your internal fortitude, character, dedication and will-power that can be a source of tremendous satisfaction once you reach your goal of achieving your lifetime best condition.
The stage time should be awesome and incredible giving you memories you'll take with you for the rest of your life. Some people say they can't wait for it to be all over, this is the wrong attitude as you should soak up and cherish every minute. If you enjoy your time onstage then the audience will pick up on that and be drawn to looking at you. So will the judges and that can't be a bad thing now can it!?
And let's not forget the post contest reflections, including analyzing your great achievements with photos and contest DVD's, feedback from family and friends as well as setting new goals to be better next time. The post contest rebound is also a great way to make some terrific muscular gains as you launch into the off season.

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