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Successful bodybuilders you will find are successful in many other parts of their life due to their passionate, focused, regimented and organized approach. They also possess a positive winning mindset, open willingness to learn and have a constant desire for self-improvement.

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Craig's Blog #21!...

Exercise of the Month

Another friend of mine, Kurt, asked me for a good exercise that could add some mass to his legs whilst preserving his lower back. He was finding that the regular barbell back squat was hurting his lower lumbar spine which in turn was hindering his progress.

I actually experienced something similar with the barbell squat in that my very strong lower back takes over along with hips flexors and glutes with my quads not doing enough of the work.

My way of overcoming this was by squatting in the Smith Machine with your feet about shoulder width apart and placed directly under your hips as well as toes turned out at about 45 degrees. When performing the movement try to stay as vertical as possible by keeping your chest up whilst focusing on your form and looking straight ahead in the mirror.

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Craig's Blog #19!...

In this Blog I would like to focus on the reverse close grip pulldown or chin. Many people have asked me over the years what exercises I like to do for my Back training. I always tell them that the number one exercise for overall mass on the back is the bent-over barbell row. A close second to that is the reverse close grip pulldown or chin. This movement not only works the terres major and minor muscles just under the armpits but also effectively stimulates the latissimus dorsi musculature which runs from the terres minor all the down to an insertion point just above your hip. The movement itself must be performed with that 'stretch and squeeze' principle. Allow yourself to hang at the bottom of the movement with arms fully extended followed by pulling up to the top so that your chin gets above the bar, this then maximizing the muscular contraction. 
The wide grip pulldowns or chins are also important but they mainly hit the terres major and minor. So, if you won't to optimally develop your back with that great V-shape from top to bottom, then make sure you include the reverse close grip pulldowns or chins in your back training regime.


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Craig's Blog #13!...

My recent State Title was in fact my 50th contest and a grand occasion it was for so many reasons. Firstly my wonderful fiancee Louise flew over from Melbourne to watch the show and so ably apply my stage tan for the day. My daughter Lauren, who went to my first contest back in 1994 as an infant, was also there to present the awards and prize bags to the Novice Men's Division I sponsored under my BODYCHISEL consulting services. She is now 19 years old and a regular gym goer herself who likes to dabble in modelling and is considering stepping it up to perhaps a sportsmodel or bikini diva level.

It was a personal milestone for me and I did receive lots of well wishes both before, during and after the event. I really appreciated that and it was a pleasant surprise. The WA State President also presented me, at the end of the night, with a huge gold cup commemorating my 50 contests and that was really the awesome icing on the cake on what was a great day in general.
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Craig's Blog #9!...

We all need to be much more positive and encourage one another to excel and not accept mediocrity. These friendships of mine that I have formed from competing go against this national Aussie trend and that is also so inspirational to know that we are becoming part of the solution to this problem.
So let's all continue to promote this respect & comaraderie in our sport and hopefully it will eventually filter into society in general. If we could do this then we would all be more focused, productive, motivated and most importantly...happier!
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Craig's Blog #7!...

My very first contest back in 1994 was the  very first 'natural ' show in WA where I did the Novice Men's Division at age 29. So it is fitting, I guess, that some 18 years later at age 47 I give something back and sponsor the Novice Men's Division at my 50th contest under my "Bodychisel by Craig" consulting business name! This really feels like I have come full circle in almost one whole generation of bodybuilding competitors. This sport has been so very good to me so I will feel proud to reward these up and coming fine gentlemen with their trophies and prizes.

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Welcome Craig Bodychisel (Winter) as an ANB blogger

ANB welcomes Craig Winter (Craig Bodychisel) as a valuable contributor to the ANB website. 

Make sure you visit this page often to see Craigs updates on training/competing/diet and much more.

If you are looking for a coach in WA or even online support if your serious at becoming a champion like Craig be sure to contact him.

Visit HERE for Craigs full competition profile.

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