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Craig's Blog #31

My decision to have this year away from the bodybuilding stage was

based on my quest to make some changes to my physique by

improving some of my weak points via extra rest and recovery and hard


Currently I am around 8kg or so above my stage weight but can still see

my abs as well as separation in my quads. My golden rule for the

offseason is to never get too fat as dieting back down is risky in terms

of losing hard earned muscle mass whilst going hard for an extended

period trying to lose all that 'excess baggage'.

It's not very enjoyable either!!

My goal now is to compete in one more season of Masters competition

in May next year so as to round out a wonderful decade of Masters

contests. I will then look forward to moving into the Grandmaster's

division (50 years and over).

Some may refer to this division as the old timers league, which whilst

true, still inspires me to still strive to improve and present as muscular

and aesthetically pleasing a package as humanly and NATURALLY as


I have continued my own version of HIT style training this year with just

3 workout days per week. This has allowed me to get plenty of rest and

recovery time whilst training relatively heavy.

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Craig's Blog #29

I hope your offseason has been as 'kind' to you as mine? As I type this next episode in my series I am almost ready to finish my offseason and begin my pre-contest phase for the September/October bodybuilding season.

The offseason for CW was certainly a period of relaxation with cardio only 3 times per week for 20 minute sessions, weight training in the gym only 3 times per week, training the whole body over 5 workouts or 10 days and a generous carbohydrate intake over 4 or 5 meals per day.

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    Thanks for that Lauryn I'm glad you enjoyed my Blog #4 :-))Kind regards, Craig W.

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    Cool blog Craig.. A really interesting read. :)Lauryn

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    Hi Craig, Great Blog. We look forward to having you be a contributor to the ANB site!

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