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Craigs Blog #33

• It is also important to not let yourself go in terms of your condition. One quick way to lose focus and suffer from the blues is put on too much body fat too soon. My favourite old adage "look good, feel good, am good" rings true here. I'm not talking about staying ripped, I am merely suggesting that not drifting over 10-12% body fat would be a great way to still stay in good shape whilst trying to add quality lean muscle mass to your physique. And then when you see the changes to your frame this in turn will spur you on to maintaining some focus. And, you will be surprised at how good you will look with some extra muscle whilst still being relatively lean, most people prefer this look, so expect lots of positive feedback...some people may even accuse you of using performance enhancing substances!!

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Craig's Blog #25


My goal now is too get ready for the ANB's new contest in WA scheduled for September 29. This should be another great event for the ANB and I already know many people that are very keen to both watch and spectate this show.

Below is a recent backyard photo with my 3 first place trophies from the May/June State contests as well as my second place statue from the awesome ANB Asia Pacific International. The photos were taken two weeks after my last show with no tan, all my water IN and an extra 2kg of bodyweight!

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Craig's Blog #22

Successful bodybuilders you will find are successful in many other parts of their life due to their passionate, focused, regimented and organized approach. They also possess a positive winning mindset, open willingness to learn and have a constant desire for self-improvement.

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  1. Re: Craig's Blog #23

    Oh yeah, best of luck for the ANB Asia-Pacific! I'll be keeping an eye out for some good news!Train hard...

    -- Peter Varley

  2. Re: Craig's Blog #23

    Hey Craig, nice blog buddy. Yes, we all either get those positive comments (eg, "you guys are awesome...

    -- Peter Varley

  3. Re: Craig's Blog #19!...

    Hey Leonard, so glad you liked my Blog #19 buddy :-)) Always glad to be of service ;-) Hope you're training...

    -- Craig Bodychisel

  4. Re: Craig's Blog #19!...

    Thanks so much for creating a Blog. A great read with heaps of info that I can commence myself. Look...

    -- Leonard Alfred Birch

  5. Re: Craig's Blog #13!...

    Thanks Gemma for the kind words and glad you enjoyed Blog #13! Look out for Craig's Blog #14 in the ...

    -- Craig Bodychisel

  6. Re: Craig's Blog #13!...

    So great to read your achievements! Love how you have involved your family and they support you. The...

    -- Gemma Dawson

  7. Re: Craig's Blog #7!...

    As usual very informative and motivating. Thanks Craig for yet another awesome blog! Maria

    -- Maria McCarter

  8. Re: Craig's Blog #4!...

    Thanks for that Lauryn I'm glad you enjoyed my Blog #4 :-))Kind regards, Craig W.

    -- Craig Bodychisel

  9. Re: Craig's Blog #4!...

    Cool blog Craig.. A really interesting read. :)Lauryn

    -- Lauryn Dina Meredith

  10. Re: Craig's Blog #1...

    Hi Craig, Great Blog. We look forward to having you be a contributor to the ANB site!

    -- Maria McCarter