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No doubt at some stage or another you have heard one or more of these: ‘He’s always at the gym’ (or she) ‘Ew, muscles!’ ‘I don’t want to get bulky’ ‘Bodybuilders are all meatheads’ ‘Crossfit is for ____’  ‘Is that another protein shake??’ ‘Do you even lift?’ Random comments everyday with opinions flying back and forth. They really do not serve any purpose but to bring a negative energy to what is actually quite a positive lifestyle choice – TO BE FIT (and even look good in your eyes). People have said I’m always at the gym, when I may on go for 30mins to a max of 1hr of any day. How about the 8hrs I’m at work, the 8hrs I’m sleeping or the 2hrs I travel each day. I think the time I spend in spandex is quite small compared to the others things on my ‘must do’ list. Something to think about. When setting your own ...
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27 wks until my next bodybuilding show!  In terms of my whole year, the show day and time on stage is really a few moments.  I like to set a goal, know my reasons and get in a head space. Earlier rather than later is best. If you are serious anyway.  For my first competition in September 2010, I didn't just decide a few weeks before the show to do it.   I thought about competing in 2009 I met bodybuilders early 2010 I watched my first show and realised I needed to aim for the 'model' category.  Being a model was not my goal. My goal was to be able to step on stage and get my butt in a bikini. I loved to train at the gym and wanted to see if I could do it. I was willing to give 100% and did. And I won! (To my surprise... I really just listened to my coach Amelia So I've enjoyed realising that comp preps -even if 'a lifestyle'- by having the strict mentality, energy day in and day out, the constant feedback to a coach ov ...
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Some foods I love, I keep buying and that have remained close to my shopping trolley. Not to say there are other foods that I don’t eat, or these are all I eat, I just have never got sick of them and can always come up with ways to make them amazing. Thanks, also Facebook and Instagram food porn for some hot tips!!! Eating REAL food, not food substitutes, keeps me happy, builds a great base & most of all, I feel better eating them. Even if there are other choices, I tend to be too lazy and fall into my boring habits Protein: Chicken – staple staple stable. Always have it cooked, portioned, ready to roll. Steak – enough said! Turkey – my favourite over chicken ha! Eggs – little nutrient bombs. I love to just hard boil a bunch and keep in the fridge for days I have to run out at the speed of light. Contains 73% water, 6g protein, 5.7g fat, 0.4 carbs. People say that eggs are bad, that they are the reason for people cholesterol problems ...
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This blog will be about my training… if only I had little minions to film me, cut a sick training video  with pump up tracks and post it up I wouldn't have to write it. One day... MY TRAINING: So what does my training split look like at the moment?? Do you even care?? Apparently people do that don’t see me in the gym. Monday – Hammies + full body circuit Tuesday – Chest/Abs Wednesday – Shoulders + circuit Thursday – Legs/Calves Friday – Back + circuit Saturday – Arms/Abs (or do these Friday and have weekends off, or use weekends if my training was thrown off in the week) TYPICAL DAY - MONDAY 19 November Walk or Run from car to gym – 15 mins (carrying food/water and work gear) Stairs to weights room – 4 flights ( I count this - stairs are an effort!) Deadlifts – 2 warm up set 20reps (Olympic Bar + 25kg each side), 5 working sets - increasing weights, feeling it in my hammies each ...
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BALANCE.... WE FOUND YOU! (also when am I competing next)

How many people say they would do something – from getting the body they always wanted, job they dream about, the life they always believe they deserved; if they had that amazing thing called TIME (and even money but that’s different kettle of fish). You hear the ‘NO TIME’ excuse every day. Probably multiple times. You probably are even guilty of it yourself?? The truth is that being successful sometimes means getting busy. But getting in tip top shape is really achievable despite running a business, a household, being an employee, taking care of family, having a girlfriend/boyfriend, social events to attend and many other obligations you may have going on. Most are guilty of that little chestnut called OVERTHINKING! It’s really not a good thing at all. It can burn you out and exhaust you. You can give up before you’ve even started. You can get emotionally drained when all that energy from just thinking can be used for the action to get to your goals. You hear the say ...
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  Most days we have challenges to face. From the very simple need to get out of bed when it's cold: to getting through a somewhat bad situation that may come unexpectedly. At times there can be so much internal dialogue that it may get overwhelming and you are tempted to give up.   Personally, I also can have self doubt that will eventually reflect on the outside, my mood and performance.  To pull out of a destructive 'rut', we need to change our thinking and switch it to the positive. Give ourselves positive distractions so we persist with our goals.   Instead of 'what if I'm not good enough' - try 'these people want to see me do well and I want to do well!' - Instantly lifts you. Enhance your results up with positive reinforcement and realistic outcomes if you persist.   As strong as I may think I am, I know I am not always ‘on game’ and always try to thank my support network. Gratitude is an amazing value I hold myself accountable to give. I find the ...
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At work I have over 500hrs sick leave (70 days, not that I've counted)... so I must be doing something right or Im just not taking enough sickies. Trust me, Im not one of these people that get sick then still go in and infest everyone. The only thing I am mindful of is getting enough sleep and making sure if people are sick, they go home and rest. It's not worth dragging the bug out! Kill it with kindness. SO what are some basics I would say that I do that help me? Well below are just a few things I try to incorporate often to stay on top of my internal health system. Being PROactive rather than REactive. (Ps. Im not a doctor, I'm a office worker that avoids the plagues so please research and check in with your practitioner before you go on a self help mission)  *Have rest days or make sure to rest at least when I can. I've been known to take rest quite serious :D * Staying active throughout the year doing things I love. Whether it be walking, lifting, sport, ...
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"Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the one's who don't. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it." Competitions, bodybuilding, training, getting lean, losing weight, hitting PB’s– whatever it is you are striving for - overall the experience is one of learning and development. Like the qupte says – it’s not easy, but it’s worth it! You do it because it challenges you and deep down you LOVE a challenge. People sometimes tell me that I’m always positive, motivated, happy, have great energy – and YES, most the time I choose to live my life in a way that make me better and gives me the best opportunities. Having said that, this does not mean I’m like that all the time, nor do I want to be. I am NOT on anti-depressants (or any drugs or medication ...
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After having a session with a Personal Trainer yesterday (needed to kick my bootay), having a big catch up a friend last night, laughing alot, and then today seeing pictures from clients of Living Beauty (check her out -  - IM BACK!  I was never really gone, however going away for the ANB Asia Pacific and coming back to work, it’s been a little crazy. My work, like many of you out there, is highly stressed, deadline driven as well as dealing expectations of others. Many times I think to myself ‘choose your attitude’ and the best thing I can do is keep building good relationships and communicate effectively to get the best outcomes. I have to be ON GAME for the majority of the week to pay the mortgage, bills, and occasionally eat some food (ok eat ALOT of food) so looking after myself is important.  People say ‘Do what you LOVE’ and I do. I love my job, everyday an ...
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2012 IS STILL HALF FULL! What's Next You Say?

Only a week after we had a massive weekend on the Gold Coast  - how am I feeling?? AWESOME! I put this down to the fact that one: I compete in bikini and fitness and have a mindset that I am fit all year round. I set goals – like a comp, or a photoshoot, I tighten everything up and showcase my best on those days and then get back into rountine as soon as I can.  Fitness Modelling if this is a goal - you need to lead by example and live lean and healthy ALL YEAR!   Have I reached my best?... This can be taken different ways. I personally reached my best for that day YES! I stayed healthy, giving my all to all areas work, family and self development, I worked 3 jobs, I had a great review at work, I have paid all my bills, I have kept my life in order while competing and will get where I want to be. Daily consistent actions overtime will pay off.  I look at myself from a competition point of view and I have put on the lean muscle, I just n ...
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  1. Re: BALANCE.... WE FOUND YOU! (also when am I competing next)

    See you up at the Asia Pacific's Gemma... We look foward to hearing about your journey with your prep...

    -- Maria McCarter



    -- Rik Kamana


    Hey Gemma.. I really enjoy reading your blog. Good luck at the Asia Pacifics :)Lauryn

    -- Lauryn Meredith


    Hi Gemma great blog. see you in a few weeks up in Adelaide :)

    -- Maria McCarter