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Tan on... Tan off! So much preparation, visualisation and anticipation and it’s all done! The ANB Asia Pacific Fitness Model Championships were held in the Gold Coast Monday 11 June 2012 and I am so stocked to announce that I placed 4th in Open Model 2012! Honestly just had a bunch of fun and everyone should be so so proud of all the effort they put in to get to their best condition EVER! If it wasn’t your best you still have now to knuckle down, set a goal and make life turn out the way you want it to. RESULTS (according to my recollection!) Shaylea Mitchell – open model short Melissa Darmawan – open model tall Sheree Harris – fitness model u30 Kirsten Leonie – fitness model o30 Hector Tito Olivera – male fitness model u30 Now comp day seems like one big blur from start to finish but I can give you some sort of rundown of my days schedule. 5am                 Rise and Shine 7am   &n ...
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DAY 2 – SERIOUS FITNESS MODEL CHILL TIME (aka enjoying the holiday) Day 1 was pretty full on with all the activities and late last night I attended a Fitness Model Workshop run by Obi Obadike ( Being one of two females that turned up (represent ladies), also saw that three of the South Australian Team made the commitment to listen to Obi and really ask him anything and everything.  You cannot take away the fact that Obi has done and is doing some amazing things in the industry that I am a part of. Even though you may not want to be on covers of magazine, you may not want to do the same things he is doing, doesn’t take the fact that he has the same passion for fitness, is a model (but more than just that if you look at what he is actually achieved and achieving), but we are at a Fitness Model Championship and competing in one. Why wouldn’t I take the opportunity to hear some tips from one of the best. No about diet and training, but about all the stuff we may wan ...
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DAY 1 Asia Pacific Weekend – Media Day Yesterday woke up in Adelaide, today in my massive king size bed fit for a bulker in Surfers Paradise. Gee, hard life hey! Today is the Natural Bodz Magazine Photo shoot with Steve Jones and Robert Bell. It's also registration day. All this happens in the same venue. Most athletes stay at this venue f from interstate, others are at friends, other apartments or even backpackers. So 6am I’m up and 8am I’m at the photo shoot for quick makeup and my 10 minute slot. Hanging about for the shoot to get underway, it’s fairly quite in the AM with male and female fitness models, also some figure ladies. Everyone is really interested in where people are from, how they are feeling and really just talking about the excitement of the weekend and what it took to get them here. Those that were waiting were let in at 830am then the action started happening. I have arrived with my bikini on (smart) so you just have to put heels on and you are ready, then quic ...
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On my way to Gold Coast from Adelaide there was so much chilling and thinking time. Really reflected on the last years trip and also how much Ive leant since then. We wont get into all the deep stuff on a Friday but I'm really happy with my life! I also had my chance to read the lastest Natural Bodz and got my all excited for the next few years ahead. So many opportunities and Im more open than ever to let them happen! Steve Jones writes some great content and features the everyday chicken eater, weight lifter and family member as an 'athlete'. He also shares some of his past which just reminds me I still need to keep on following my loves. I even read each page to see the effort of detail that has gone into the publication and got really excited about who I will get to meet this weekend,  what I can give and also take back to Adelaide.  So this last week as always I do as coach says. Thats a non negotiable! Being an Interstate comp means I think about the following ontop of what I would ...
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Someone is going after what you want in life while you’re 'too busy' reading this! Powerful hey?? When it comes to health, wellness and keeping fit enough to do daily activities most of us KNOW what to do. We know there are no secrets even though we may ask. We know that it takes effort to get moving when physically or emotionally we may not want to. We know our excuses won't help us get the results we are after. So how is it that some people are able to follow through with their goals what may seem so easily and others keep starting over again? What I find is a skill that must be possessed and continually worked on is PRIORITISATION and TIME MANAGEMENT. Starting any goal or a new endeavour these two things may not come naturally. They are habits that some of us have and others, not so much. Working smarter is the best to be able to reach those goals and ambitions in life you have. You don't want to be wasting that thing we call time if you are already saying you are ‘time poor’. Try t ...
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So the ANB Asia Pacifics this weekend and Im flying up from Adelaide for a fun filled weekend.I'll be at the Media Day Saturday AM and compete on the Monday. Keep them eyes peeled and come say hello if you can. I love coming away from these events with more friends and the industry is full of amazing!!Now preparing for comps is a tough goal. Being a Living Beauty, Amelia is my coach ( Just yesterday I was complemented on my glowing energy, my parents saw Im still happy and healthy and Ive really embedded my beliefs and continue to improve over my preps. Everything from what I wear in the comp, to beauty prep, providers I use, how I treat others and myself, looking at opportunities all are apart of being coached by Amelia. I also have a post comp plan already and it's all above board so I not only stay my fit self, but incorporate even more creativity, good food and appropriate level of training.Even at work, I exceeded my expectations over the last year with development and my end of f ...
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Today I attended my first ‘Get The Edge’ Workshop. It’s a pre-competition preparation event for bodybuilders, anyone thinking of competing at any level or even trainers that get approached to assist with comp prep. David Salamon ( who is bringing the ANB to South Australia this year organised bringing the Get The Edge (GTE) team here and promoted the event so we knew about it - for this and all your hard work David, thank you. The turn out showed we needed this workshop. The GTE workshop today was held in Adelaide, my hometown, and there was an amazing turn out and a room full of people (there was at least 60 of us), all ready to take in all they could and squeeze all the information out of the speakers in the 5 hours that flew past way to quickly! I swear even if they had two days for the workshop and it was underwater we’d all still be able to talk about this industry without taking a break or coming up for air. Maria McCarter and the Get The Edge Team, which hav ...
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Meal 1 - Wholegrain Oats, Eggs, Cinnamon, Blueberries Meal 2 - Tuna, Potato, Greens Meal 3 - Chicken Wrap, Mixed Colourful Salad Meal 4 - Almonds, Apple, Shake Meal 5 - Big Cheesy Pizza If I wrote I had the above and said ‘this is what I eat’ – who out there would question me on it? Ask for my quantities and why I eat certain things? Follow what I wrote to a tee for days and weeks on end? Never faulting from it and even if you did follow - what would be the end result? I’ve seen it before. The questions start to follow,  asking everything from ‘how many eggs’, ‘how do you cook that’; to ‘do you train before meal 1 or after’ and ‘what kind of cheese on your pizza?’ Well this is NOT my meal plan. As I don’t know you personally and I didn’t write it for you (sorry, did I get your attention though...), so unfortunetly I have no idea if it will help you or harm you.   If I happen to be asked for ...
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Three weeks until the ANB Asia Pacs and I'm sure I should be writing all about my training and that I'm eating this many grams of chicken. I'll get there, but that stuff really makes me cringe as you can just get a tailor plan written for YOU and YOUR goals (I'll write about this soon no doubt...) TODAY is Cupcake Day at work today! No doubt there are others out there that are enjoying pushing papers for some dollars and are surrounded by the normallities of working in a corporate environment. High stress, tiredness, headaches all seem to be the norm.  Here are a few general SURVIVAL TIPS regarding food for those office girls out there (or suited up gentlemen) - written by me on a whim to keep me entertained while the MasterChef like challenges are going on: Main events: If gatherings are a once a year event or there are birthday morning teas once a month– why hold back? Unless you have a major issue with food, be that intolerances, allergies, or can’t stop once you star ...
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Being able to spend the last few weeks with girls competing this year and hanging out with others close to me that are setting personal goals for the future, it’s no bigger time to see that the people you surround yourself with have massive effect on how you feel about doing what you do. The Living Beauty team, past, present and potential are such an amazing group, each with their own stories that I feel privelged to witness and even be apart of their goal smashing! Even if we may dismiss the passing comments of people, some words get to us. We may start to question ourselves, our goals, our training, the food we are eating even if we are doing everything 100%.  It’s hard enough dealing with our own self talk, then the passing feedback of others as well. Strong minds become stronger with the right support. If you feel like you are mentally going over and over the opinions of others in your head, it’s time to reach out to a trusted source. They do not need to be a relative or a ...
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  1. Re: BALANCE.... WE FOUND YOU! (also when am I competing next)

    See you up at the Asia Pacific's Gemma... We look foward to hearing about your journey with your prep...

    -- Maria McCarter



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    Hey Gemma.. I really enjoy reading your blog. Good luck at the Asia Pacifics :)Lauryn

    -- Lauryn Meredith


    Hi Gemma great blog. see you in a few weeks up in Adelaide :)

    -- Maria McCarter