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World Championship Update

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At last evenings meeting held by the ANB Executive, a unanimous decision was made to the UFE World Championship Qualification criteria.

To assist all athletes & alleviate athlete stress with planning (time away from work / tertiary education, flights, accommodation, passport, etc.), any athlete who competes at the ANB Australian Championship will now qualify to compete at the UFE World Championship. This will apply yearly with the exemptions remaining as per previous & below.

Below is the amended qualification.


All shows except for the ANB Australian Championship;


Overall winners (Figure, Physique & Bodybuilding) qualify to compete in the UFE World Championship Elite division.

Swimsuit Model, Fitness Model, Muscle Model division winners qualify to compete in the UFE World Championship Elite Division

All other qualification is via the ANB Australian Championship (listed below).

Athletes, who choose to compete at the annual ANB Australian Championship must qualify by competing via their respective State Championship.

NSW athletes are exempt from pre qualification via State Championship (no NSW State Championship) as Australian Championship are held in NSW & therefore eligible to enter directly into the Australian Championship.


ANB Australian Championship / UFE World Championship Qualification;


ANB athlete’s qualification (Figure, Physique, Bodybuilding, Swimsuit Model, Fitness Model, Muscle Model) for the UFE Tier System is as follows in the Elite and Professional divisions;

Elite = any athlete who competes at ANB Australian Championship

Professional = ANB Overall Australian Champion (Figure, Physique, Bodybuilding)

Professional = ANB Australian Champion (Swimsuit Model, Fitness Model, Muscle Model)


Exceptions for the above are as follows;


Any previous ANB Australian Champion from any division or age division

Any previous ANB Overall Australian Champion (Figure, Physique, Bodybuilding)

Written request to relevant State Director with written approval granted by relevant State Director. State Director forward the written approval to myself.


The ANB Team Australia for the 2015 UFE World Championship will be finalised in the weeks following the ANB Australian Championship. 


Those athletes wanting to be a part of ANB Team Australian must confirm their attendance by registration / payment for the event with the UFE website prior to departure for the event.


All athlete enquiries for the UFE World Championship are through this page or myself direct. I ask that you all please follow this protocol to ensure an accurate & clear line of communication.


Please refrain for direct correspondence to the UFE as any correspondence will be returned. As you all can imagine, UFE President Mr Sean Everingham along with his staff have a large workload prior to the event.


I wish all the athletes every success & thank you for choosing compete at the UFE World Championship in Toronto Canada.


UFE World Championship athlete information;


All information can be obtained via the following;

UFE website

UFE World Championship Facebook page

Please take the time to read & familiarise yourself with all UFE requirements.

ANB Australia World Championship Information Facebook page



Murray Graham

ANB International General Secretary

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Aaron Braithwaite Appionted Vice President - ANB Victoria

Aaron Braithwaite announcement
It is with great honour that I announce the appointment of Aaron Braithwaite to ANB Victoria Vice President.
Aaron has worked closely alongside ANB Victoria President Maria McCarter ensuring the continued growth of the ANB in Victoria. Aaron's new role will see his continued workings alongside Maria to ensure the ANB Victorian athletes have great opportunities to succeed along with a sustainable future for all.
Aaron, on behalf of the ANB Executive & our ANB family, we all wish you well.
Personally from me mate congratulations as I know & understand what you have done to assist Maria with the one common objective of ANB Victorian opportunities & continual growth. For the many years that we have known each other I know your loyalty along your love of our great sport will be invaluable for Maria.
Please all pass on your well wishes to Aaron in your own individual way.
Murray Graham
ANB General Secretary

ANB report Vegas 2012 By Murray Graham

The annual Fitness America Weekend is now done and dusted for 2012 with history showing the Domination of the ANB Aussie Team. Each and every ANB Aussie athlete stood tall and proud on stage and showed the world how we do things down here in Oz. As all the athletes enjoy and share in each others success, it's time for them to enjoy quality time with their family and friends and of course tell us all in their own time about their own individual experiences whilst in Vegas. Some may choose and I quote the words of my interview poolside at the nugget with Jacquii Alexander "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Only time will tell just what and how much is revealed
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