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Smoothies and Detox

the last few months I have really been enjoying my morning smoothies. In the interests of keeping my liver happy and giving it a little detox, I have been staying away from cow’s milk and other dairy products and have embraced the many other varieties of ‘milk’ that we have readily available. Long-life packaged Rice, Almond and Oat milks are all available from Coles and Woolworths. Oat milk lasts longer than the others so I choose to use this one for my cereals and smoothies, but I like the taste of all of them.
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Rena & Coach

Rena Phillips (Left)

Vicki Arief (Posing Coach)





  1. Re: “Our highest potential lies in the realm of no ego.”

    Hey thanks Lauryn! :-)It's all a learning experience and I'm so glad I have people like Maria, Lindy...

    -- Rena Phillips

  2. Re: “Our highest potential lies in the realm of no ego.”

    That was really refreshing to read!! :)I love my yoga too, but I can really relate to pushing yourself...

    -- Lauryn Dina Meredith

  3. Re: Down, But Not Out!

    Thank you Liz! :-) I went on my Pilates Reformer today, the first time in three weeks that I have done...

    -- Rena Phillips

  4. Re: Down, But Not Out!

    Take care of yourself Rena! You are absolutely right 'health first, training second.' It's great that...

    -- Liz Hynd

  5. Re: Down, But Not Out!

    Thanks Maria! :-) I'm on the mend and still have my sights set on competing. You have a great week also...

    -- Rena Phillips

  6. Re: Down, But Not Out!

    Hope you are starting to feel better Rena... Have a great rest of the week...

    -- Maria McCarter