This is a very important question that needs clarification because athletes need to have a clear criterion on what the judges will be looking for the day they step on stage. The major difference between a model and a fitness model is primarily determined by how lean the athlete is. There is no doubt a fine line between being too lean and not quite lean enough so next up we will go over the criteria in greater detail. 

SWIMSUIT MODELS are to depict a picture of health to the general public however they must still have some athleticism about themselves. Models are not expected to be lean and defined though they must still have a toned body and good figure. Models are judged on their physical appearance, beauty, body shape and tone, presentation, confidence, cat walk, stage presence and marketability


Swimsuit Model Novice

Swimsuit Model Under 25 years

Swimsuit Model under 35 years 

Swimsuit Model Classic 35 years over

Swimsuit Model Open  (open to all ages and experience)


Swimsuit Model International Tall 163 cm over 

This division is a one piece swimsuit costume.

This division is one round only comprising of a cat walk movement for each competitor. once everyone has completed this all competitors will be asked to line up at the front of the stage for a 4 quarter turn movement. you may be asked to preform this more than once. At the completion of this round the place getters will be announced. 


 Short 163 cm and under

Tall 163cm and over


FEMALE FITNESS MODEL  are expected to be leaner than the Model category however not totally defined in all areas as would be expected in the Figure Category. Fitness Model competitors must have a very toned and taut body and leaner in the abdominal area than the Swimsuit Model, however still requires to have a womanly figure. Less detail and definition is required to that of a figure competitor and the        delineation between the fitness model and figure competitor is the level of definition and muscle separation in the torso and limbs (both arms and legs). If a competitor has very defined arms, legs and back they would be better suited to the Figure Category.