Difference between a Male Fitness Model & the NEW Muscle Model Division

This is a very important question that needs clarification because athletes need to have a clear criterion on what the judges will be looking for the day they step on stage. The major difference between a male fitness model and the new Muscle Model division is primarily determined by the size of the athlete. Athletes displaying particularly larger legs and overall larger muscular size would be more suited to the Muscle Model division.  

Posing all male Models

Both Male model divisions must keep posing very relaxed as it is not a body building division. Male models can use some bodybuilding poses as long as its kept to a minimum. Ab and bicep posing are great for this division. The idea is to look as though your having fun with each round displaying a bit of your personalityMALE FITNESS MODELS & MUSCLE MODEL ROUNDS.


 Male Fitness Model Novice

 Male Fitness Model under 25 years

Male Fitness Model under 35 years

Male Fitness Model Masters over 35 years

Male Fitness Model Open ( open to all ages and experience) 



Round 2 - Swimwear 

Competitors will do a T walk across the stage individually to pre-selected music by the ANB      promoter. After completing your T-walk you will line up at the back of the stage until each        competitor has finished. This may occur several times as judges may need extra time to make    decisions.

Round 1 - Sports/Themed Wear Round

Contestants will be asked to walk on stage displaying active/sports or themed wear that will be of the athlete’s choice. The chosen attire must be tasteful and complementary to your body type.  Depending on the event will determine if all competitors come out together or individually. Please ensure you are at the morning competitors briefing to understand the requirements.


New division: Male Physique International. Short 171cm and under & Tall 171cm and over.

 This division is one round only. Each competitor will perform a cat walk then all competitors will come out together to perform a 4  quarter turn movement.

You may be asked to do this more than once. when then Judges have made there decision the place getter will be announced.

The dress ware is board shorts of your choice and colour. The board shorts must come down just above or just below the knee.

The criteria.

competitors condition should be a beach ready physique, not as muscular or as conditioned as a fitness model. a fit body not overly muscular.