Sharon Horner - Overall ANB South Coast Figure Champion

Name: Sharon Horner


State: NSW

Date Of Birth: 22.2.74

Age: 38

Email Address:

Contact Phone: 0409669185  

Personal Information

Off Season Weight: 59

Height: 157

Competition Weight: 56

Competition Clothes Size: xs

Shoe Size: 6

Off Season Clothes Size: 8-10

Hair Colour: blonde

Eye Colour: blue

Gym Trained At / Trainer

Gym Name: Gym UFO- ultimate fitness one on one

Address: 2b stratford rd

State: Tahmoor

Postcode: 2573

Trainer: Jamie Horner (HUSBAND)


My is Sharon, 38 years,owner of Gym UFO in Tahmoor NSW and a mother of 3 children. I have lived in the Wollondilly Shire all my life.
I was born here, went to school here, have had several businesses here and now raising my family here.
I am a beauty therapist by trade and entered the Fitness Industry with my amazing hubby Jamie 3 years ago.
It all started with my husbands 21st birthday present. I bought him Personal training sessions with a local trainer
Mr Michael Clunne, now CEO of Muscle beach Supplements. I still remember today Mick saying
"Have you ever thought about entering a comp". No way in the world was I going to get up on stage in a bikini.
20 years later I decided I can do this. It was always on my mind,
I just never crossed the line to actually do it. The first year into our business we had a member compete, and he did extremely well.
I was so keen and eager. I trained like an animal, ate like a cavewoman and slept liked a baby for 12 months.
It became a  new lifestyle. A change for the better.I tried to learn as much as I could, enrolling in  Get the Edge workshops on competing.
After several competitions I have realised that their is no going off the clean eating plan. I will
always  clean eat and exercise daily. I love my body transformation, more importantly what the food can do to your body over a period of time and my life.
I have used all my experiences with nutrition and exercise with my family, friends and members of the Gym.
I want to inspire and motivate as many as I can, so we all can live a happy and long life. Its all about being happy with yourself, and if your not happy then
you are the only one that can make the changes happen!

Previous Sporting Achievements
2010 City to Surf
2011 6km Mud run
2011 United Kingdom Tour -  U18s Rugby league football team raised funds to take team for 2 weeks

2nd- South Coast short figure
4th- Sydney Short Figure masters
5th - Sydney Short Figure
4th- Newcastle Novice Figure
6th - Newcastle Womens Masters Figure
1st- South Coast short Figure 1st place
South Coast Overall Figure Champion

Obstacles overcome
I have faced many obstacles to overcome in my path to get where I am today. My husband and I have our own Gym which has its own challenges as any business owner would know,
and we are only 3 years in business in a small community with quite a bit of competition in the area, I have been able to overcome those temporary setbacks of running and
managing a business together with a supportive team. My husband has instilled in me since we started dating 20years ago that you must do more than the average person to
succeed in this life. He is my Personal trainer, and business partner, and has taught me from the beginning that winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is everything.
His philosophy taught me that as long as I always try my level best, I can achieve any personal goal I set for myself.
We have a small family, 3 beautiful children that everyday need both of our attention, and family will of course always comes first. As any parent knows the obstacles that are thrown
by our little ones can be unexpected daily.  
For some time now,  my father who is extremely unwell and due to tragic circumstances may not be with us for long has made me realize, at this point in my life,
how important family fabric is to a someones health and development. My family is a proud, hardworking family, business owners,  I have learned by their examples.

Hobbies and Interests

Training & competing for Figure
Beauty Therapy, Beauty therapist for 22years than entered fitness industry the past 3 years
Health, Fintess & Beauty
Nutrition and natural remedies.
Fundraising and Business networking 

Future Goals and Aspirations

1. is to place well in ANB Nationals
2. progress to Asia pacifics
3. establish a professional career in Womens Bodysculpting.
My aspirations are to find new and challenging concepts which builds on my skills and knowledge, as well as professional experience. I am an ambitious woman who wants to learn and
develop under the guidance of those who are at the top of their field and then use those skills to become an expert myself.



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