From Open Model to Figure and back - Model Champion

Name: Alexsandra Ciric

DOB: 10/12/1986
Height: 174cm
Offseason weight: 70kg
On Season weight: 64kg (Model) / 59kg (figure)
Gym Training at: Anytime Fitness Blacktown, BodyWorks Gym Marconi

Previous Sporting achievements:
I used to compete as a triple jumper for many years, competing at both state and national level. As a result i have been weight training on an off since i was I was 16 years old.
I stopped jumping due to an injury and also wanting to try something new.

Bodybuilding shows:

2010 ANB Nationals (Open Model)- 14th
2011 ANB Sydney (Open Model)- 1st
2011 ANB Nationals (Novice Figure)- 3rd
2012 ANB Sydney (Open Model Tall)- 1st

I am happy to include that i came 14th in my first show- i literally knew nothing about competing. I had never even watched a show before- all i had to go on was a few youtube clips that I had seen of the sports model girls and that was it. I bought a bikini, put on a tan and put together a routine and turned up to Nationals as my first show. Needless to say i didnt do too well, but i realised where i needed work and what I needed to do.
I went away and researched everything there was to know, from costume to routines and how to diet and train. I had to alter the way i trained as with jumping i was used to doing a lot of compound movements and plyometric training specific to the event.
I came back the following year in May and I was grateful to have taken out the Open model title. It was a great challenge and an amazing moment. 
I always love a challenge and i knew i wanted to challenge myself further so i aimed for figure in nationals. It was a big goal, one which a lot of people doubted but i knew it was something i wanted to try. My partner assisted me along the way, along with great posing advice from Rosa Romero.  After a solid off season following the sports model win, i placed 3rd at Nationals in the Novice figure category.

I found figure a great achievement and I am glad that I had tried it, but i did not feel that it was 100% me. I made the decision to go back to Open model, and compete again last week at the 2012 Sydney titles. I feel very humbled and still in shock that i was able to defend my title against 18 stunning women, and am happy to be competing in the open model division again.

Greatest Challenge:
I have never had any formal prep help with any of my competitions, in terms of diet/nutrition, training or posing (with exception for my posing for figure). My partner and I have done everything via trial and error. Also, transferring between the two divisions everything had to be altered such as my style of training and also my general overall stage presentation. I think the main thing was finding the category i was most comfortable in and doing what i wanted to do, not what everyone else thought i should do.

I do what i do because I love it- being successful isnt based on winning a trophy. I look foward to competing again in Nationals, and then the Asia pacific Championships in 2013 :D


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