Michael Kay - Fitness Model 45 years old and Vegas

Name:  Michael Kountourogianis (aka Michael Kay Paparazzi)

Address:  PO Box 316,   Beverly Hills  NSW  2209  

DOB:  9 June 1967    Age:  45

Email :

Phone: 0405 66 67 67

Off Season Weight:  89-90kg

Competition Weight: 85kg

Shoe Size: 45

Hair Colour: Dark brown with Grey

Eye Colour: Hazel

Height: 186cm

Gym Name: Leisuredome Gym

Address: King Georges Road, Beverly Hills

Trainer: Sasho Ognenovski

Sponsor: Looking for one!

Previous Sporting Achievements:

Throughout my life, I’ve always been involved in being active,  and participating

in different sports for fitness purposes like soccer, swimming, cycling & more
recently weight training.

2012, was my first year as a Male Fitness Model, competing here in Australia, firstly

at the Asia Pacific Championships in Queensland on my 45th birthday and then at

the ANB/Oxygen titles in Sydney.

My first competition, I placed 5th in the top 5 male fitness models and i recently retuned

from Vegas, where I placed 3rd in the Fitness America Male Fitness Model Classic



Obstacles you have Overcome:

Life is full of opportunities everywhere you look, some are more apparent than

others.  Rather than say obstacles, i prefer to use the word challenge, because

these are what drive us to become the people that we are today.  The biggest challenge

for me was time and trying to balance an ordinary lifestyle, chores, whilst working a 50 hr week, and also trying to fit in 5-6 days a week at the gym, plus 70km of cardio, together with the necessary time for the preparation of the meals that needed to be consumed whilst getting adequate sleep every night for growth.

Hobbies and Interests:

Up until two years ago i was involved as a committee member with the NSW Corvettes Unlimited car club, being a proud owner of a original fully restored red 69 corvette convertible...  my dream car.  Since then i have bought and sold various collectable cars, recently a 4wdrive HSV Coupe and some not, and dabbled with two wheels and big motorbikes.

Having studied architecture and environment, I’m always interested in buildings

and mega structures, travelling to other countries and looking at famous buildings and newer designs and churches and cathedrals...

Future Goals and Aspirations

I am very much interested in promoting healthy lifestyle, whether bodybuilding or fitness modelling for older persons thinking of giving it a go.

I would like to be considered a role model at 45 and leader in my chosen category and a positive example for all persons, who like myself who work a full time job, lead an active lifestyle & and think that they cannot achieve that goal they just dream about.

At the moment, im considering competing for the next few years, and aiming my sights now at the 2013 Asia Pacific Championships and then the Fitness America games.

Michael Kountourogianis



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