Tammie Sarkozy - Musclemania, ANB Asia Pacific Champion

Name: Tammie Sarkozy

Address: Brisbane, QLD

Date Of Birth: 19.10.1985

Age: 27

Email Address:

Personal Information

Off Season Weight: 58kg

Height: 162cm

Competition Weight: 54kg

Competition Clothes Size: 6

Shoe Size: 6.5

Off Season Clothes Size: 6

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Brown


Gym Trained At / Trainer

Gym Name: Bootcamps Australia/home/various other gyms/outdoors

Address:  I work for Bootcamps Australia in New Farm (QLD) this is where I usually train.

Trainer: Myself! I love to trial methods on myself to see how effective they are and exactly how feel.  If they work, I share!


International Protein



Previous Sporting Achievement

2011 INBA Novice Figure Short 1st Place

2011 INBA Figure International 3rd Place

2011 ANB Novice Figure 1st Place

2012 INBA Ms Physique Opens 3rd Place

2012 INBA Figure International 1st Place

2012 ANB Asia Pacifics Figure Opens Short Class 1st Place

2012 ANB Asia Pacifics Overall Womens Figure Champion

2012 INBA Nationals - First Place Figure International Short Class

2012 INBA Nationals - Third Place Physique Medium Class

2012 INBA Nationals - Australian Overall Figure International Champion

2012 ANB Nationals - First Place Figure Short Class

2012 Musclemania, Las Vegas, Nevada  (International)- First Place Figure Medium Class


Obstacles You Have Overcome

I’ve been very lucky to not encounter any major obstacles. A few minor injuries and illness here and there, but nothing a few weeks couldn’t cure! Touch wood it stays that way!

Hobbies and Interests

I’m extremely passionate about anything health and fitness! I’m always researching and trialling new methods and creating healthy recipes to share! Hard dieting has forced me to be creative with food and the little ingredients allowed, haha, it is amazing what you can come up with for the sake of your chicken tasting different!

I’ve studied Screen and Animation and Makeup (and special effects) artistry...I still draw and do makeup for weddings and photoshoots but working in the fitness industry has become my no. 1!

Other than that surfing and just being at the beach is something I absolutely LOVE, I’m still learning to surf but it’s one of the most amazing feelings just being out on the water, even just lying on the sand, it’s the only place I feel truly relaxed, I love it!

Future Goals and Aspirations

I want to make the general public aware of basic health and nutrition as it seems SO many people don’t understand the basics! Example. Carbs are NOT bad for you!!  I don’t know how I will go about this yet, but this is something I want to work on, even if it’s one person at a time.

I love to experiment with recipes and share them with those on a weight loss or clean eating journey. Again, anything that helps people on a healthier path!

At the moment I work in a gym as a Personal Trainer, I love my job, I get to interact with a great bunch of people and help them become happier! It is so rewarding and right now, this is only the start of something huge so look out!

Comp wise, I am focussed on competing as a Pro in 2014 Musclemania! That’s a long way off at this stage but I will be fine-tuning my body in the mean time. A good 12 months off will allow my body to rest after nearly a full year of dieting and competing. Until l then I can relax a little, focus on my business and build my strength, form and physique!

In the 16 months I’ve been competing I have been fortunate enough to experience a lot of success and I am hooked…I can’t describe the feeling of being on stage. You work so hard for months and months (even years!) to try and get your body in the best condition possible. It has taught me self discipline and I honestly believe if I can go as far as to make it to stage, I can do anything! Nothing seems out of reach now!

You also meet some truly amazing people along the way.  I am still friends with many people I have met through competing.

I recently spent one short week in Vegas with some of Australia’s finest fitness, figure and bodybuilding competitors. These people were instantly likeable and so humble which was so refreshing! I hope to stay in touch with these athletes as they have not only become friends but have inspired me to take my passions further! Surrounding yourself by like minded, positive people can really push you to achieve greater things!


Left to right: Melissa Darmawan, Tammie Sarkozy, Trish White Asn Sponsored and Antonietta Jones in Las Vegas, NV.





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