Ryan Laos - 2012 Musclemania World Lightweight Champion

Name: Ryan Laos

Date of birth: 29/09/74

Birthplace: Hornsby, Aust.

Currently residing: Sydney, NSW

Status: Soon to be engaged

Occupation: I run my own small business where we manufacture & supply ornate plaster products for the Building & renovation markets.

Favourite car: I just got a brand new Holden ute which i love but my If I had enough money I’d have to fav cars that I would love as show cars & weekend drivers. 1) A 1974 L34 Holden Torana 2) A 1976 Camaro with a 454 Chev.

Height: 179cm & shrinking from all the squats

Contest weight: 89kg

Off-season weight: 100kg give or take

Why/when did you start weight training? Started training when I was at home at 15 with some D.bells & B.bells my Dad bought me. An older friend took me to a gym when I was 16 & from there I was hooked. From a young age I always enjoyed being outside & active & wanted a body like Bruce Lee or Arnie.

Where do you train? I train at an awesome family owned gym in Meadowbank, Sydney called V&R (Vince & Roz’s). Very large gym with heaps of quality equipment so you don’t have to wait. Its definitely not a posers gym but a real gym. Just get in, smash it up & go.

On the weekends I like to train with some mates at World Gym Penrith. This gym has some different equipment to my gym so its good to mix it up. Plus I get to train with some good mates, Murray Graham, Mike Nysten & a few other guys that really inspire & motivate me.

Do you have a training partner? Ivan Bowskill. Cant say enough about this guy & his family. The support & motivation they show me is nothing short of amazing. I cant thank them enough.

Typical training week? We have many programs we switch around to avoid plateaus. Everything we do has a method & reason behind it. Nothing is done by guess work. We usually train 5 days p/wk. A typical week would go like this. Mon-Calves, Back & tris, Tue- Quads, Wed-Rest, Thur- Chest & Bis, Fri- Calves,Shoulders & Hamstrings. Fit abs in once per week on a day we have extra time. I don’t do alot of cardio as my job is quite physical. I try to surf on the weekends & do a little boxing.

Reps, exercises? Reps range from 3-15 for upper body depending on what phase of training we are in. When it comes to legs reps can range from 3-100. We do a huge variety of exercises, constantly changing it up to how we feel each workout.

Any techniques used? We are big fans of intensity techniques like drop sets, slow rep training, giant sets, negatives. We cycle these throughout the year. I like triple drops the most.

Favourite exercise?  Hmm. To many to choose from.... probable squats & Dealifts. Always looking for new ideas & variations to existing ones also.

Hate-to-do exercise? None! I love training to much.

The one exercise everyone must do? Would have to say squat as it works your whole body & stimulates your hormones.

Best/biggest lift? 240kg deadlift (will get 250 by end of Jan). 220kg Squat.  180kg Bench.

Your best body part? Back

Anything you would like to improve? Always looking to improve everything thats why we BODY BUILD not BODY STAY THE SAME.

  Murray Graham & Ryan leaving for pre-judge Musclemania 2012

Competition history? Most memorable ones are the 1st time I competed in the ANB Sydney & won my weight division, best posing routine & overall champion in 1998.

Since then numerous regional & state & National tiles. In 2008 I won the WNSO FAME amateur Worlds.

 In 2010 I placed 3rd in my Pro debut with the WNSO in Las Vegas & 1 week later 4th in the Heavyweight division(I am a light-heavyweight but they only had Heavy at this show)  of the Musclemania Worlds also in Las Vegas.

Best to date was the 2012 Musclemania Worlds where I won the Light-Heavy div & placed 2nd in the overall.

Most memorable competition moment? Winning the 2012 MM Worlds & having one of my best mates Murray Graham & my Sister in the crowd cheering for me.

Worst/most embarrassing competition moment? Luckily I haven’t had any. Little ever worries or embarrasses me.

Competition diet? Same as off season but just a little less. High protein, high fats. Only eat fresh food nothing pre packaged.

What supplements do you use? I am fortunate enough to be sponsored by one of the best supplement companies around, MUSASHI. Of their range I use the ISO8 Whey immediately after training, the HYBRID 92 (sustained release at night) Glutamine, Creatine, Pre workout RE-ACTIVATE HC, during training ELEVATOR, CREATE & NOURISH free form aminos.  Also MUSASHI Tribulis & their protein bars are awesome.          

Mention any sponsors?                A huge thank you to MUSAHI & V&R Fitness for their constant support.

Favourite diet food if you have one? Nandos hot sauce. Very low in carbs & you only need 10g to add a great flavour. I buy it in a 1litre bottle

When dieting is finished what is your all-time favourite meal? Anything home cooked. Probably Mums roast & my girls lamb shanks with mash

Who do you admire most in your sport? Anyone who consistently trains & persists with following a healthy lifestyle. Basically anyone who lives & breaths it. I know many people in this industry like this who i look up to & take inspiration from. Those closest to me are my training partner Ivan Bowskill. Also Murray Graham, Mike Nysten, Jon Davie,

Who do you admire most outside your sport? My Mum for her drive & selflessness.

Who has had the most impact on your life? How? Mum. By showing me the right path. Encouraging me in everything I do & giving sound advice when i need it.

How has weight training affected your life and sport? It has shown me discipline which I apply to all other areas of my life. I have found you never stop learning.

Goals and aspirations for your future in your sport? In the immediate future i am training hard for the 2013 Musclemania Worlds

Hopes and ambitions for your personal life? . I want to keep growing my existing business while expanding into the fitness industry by way of personal training & advice. I would like to own a gym one day. Move close to the beach within 5 years. Get married & start a family.

Hobbies/interests? Outside of training, I enjoy working on my Balinese style garden. Love to surf.

What do you do to relax? Watch a movie but I can only relax if I feel I have earned it. I need to accomplish something worthwhile everyday. That could be work &/or training related.

The best tip you could pass on to someone starting off in your sport? Don’t rush it. Proper form & technique will take time which in turn will make your gains far better & quicker with less if zero injuries. Get some solid nutrition advice. You cant grow or be healthy eating fast food.

If there was anything you could change or improve about your sport what is it?

The ANB runs a fantastic show which begins from athlete registration through the entire family feel to the show. From timing, looking after the competitors, prizes, patience with less experienced athletes, judging and giving everyone a go, overall its just extremely well run. People don’t realise just how lucky we are here in Oz with the ANB when compared to how other shows are run overseas. Some people complain because the show is running an hour late but believe me, that is nothing to complain about.

Brief background on your life, sporting history, including other sports you have played?

I’ve had a very fortunate upbringing & life. I had everything i needed & wanted as a kid but was taught never to take it for granted. I am pretty simple & don’t need much to keep me happy.

 I am happy with who I am. I have a great close relationship with my immediate family & I have recently met the love of my life, my soul mate so that makes up for any superficial or material BS I really don’t need. 

I played soccer for 4yrs when I was younger. From 15 to 20 I did Tae Kwon Do. I still use these skills to do some bag work to keep me fit which I love.

I would like to say a big thank you to a few people; Firstly my family & close friends for their constant support, my beautiful partner Amy, MUSASHI Nutrition – Worlds best supplements in my view, my training partners Ivan Bowskill (& his lovely wife & kids) Murray Graham, Mike Nysten, Big Matt, Dale. My training gym V&R Fitness in Meadowbank (come down & say hi if you’re in the area) one of the best gyms in Sydney. Jon Davie from World Gym Ashmore, all the guys at World gym Penrith (my 2nd home), the amazing Dallas Olsen Photography for taking these shots & all the people who have messaged me with words of encouragement & support. Without all the people my achievements would not have been possible. THANK YOU ALL! 


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