Sharon Horner - Overall ANB South Coast Figure Champion

I was born here, went to school here, have had several businesses here and now raising my family here.
I am a beauty therapist by trade and entered the Fitness Industry with my amazing hubby Jamie 3 years ago.
It all started with my husbands 21st birthday present. I bought him Personal training sessions with a local trainer
Mr Michael Clunne, now CEO of Muscle beach Supplements. I still remember today Mick saying
"Have you ever thought about entering a comp". No way in the world was I going to get up on stage in a bikini.
20 years later I decided I can do this. It was always on my mind,
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Joseph Schifilliti - 2011 ANB National u70kg Champion

Name: Leisuredome Gym
Address: 421 King Georges Road, Beverly Hills

None at the moment, but like everyone else out there would love to promote a reputable fitness company.

2009 ANB South coast 4th place, 2010 ANB south coast 2nd place, ANB Sydney 3rd place, 2011 ANB Nationals 2nd place
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Mario De Vega - U70kg ANB Asia Pacific Champion 2011


Strong passion for training! Enjoy learning about every aspect of the health and fitness, and how we can further improve ourselves.

Outside of bodybuilding, I enjoy the outdoors, fine food (who doesn’t) and company of my friends. Video games also keep me sane!


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Paula Ponce - 2011 Overall Figure Champion Sydney & South Coast



I have been through some tough situations, though I have to say that without a doubt, having prepared for my first round of comps made me feel invincible.

I was determined and it is amazing the amount of discipline you need to have and strength from within, however, it is possible.  To come out the other end, win or lose, you actually win regardless.

There is a development of strength in self that is unparalleled in anything else I have experienced.  My mind was strongly focused on the goal- so much so I was able to give up chocolate (right through Easter)

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Sasho Ognenovski - ANB u90kg Champion

I made my ANB debut in 2002 in the Sydney comp where I captured both Juniors and Novice titles. In the following years I moved my way up the categories of Under 80kgs and Under 90s, winning various ANB titles or always placing in the top spots. One of my most memorable victories came in 2010 ANB Asia Pacific International where I took out the Under 90kg class and then went on to win the Overall title. In doing so I secured myself a sponsorship with Powerzone nutrition and got a free flight and accommodation to represent Australia that same year in the Musclemania’s World Championship held in Las Vegas, USA. There I finished 5-th in the Middleweight division against a very tough line up. In 2011 once again I returned in Las Vegas to compete in Musclemania World Championship and with my new improved physique I won the Middleweight class and received a Musclemania Pro Card in the process.
Now my sight is set on winning some major Professional Musclemania competitions.

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Gemma Dawson - Model - Competing for ANB Asia Pacific's 2012

After exceeding my goals – I have decided that I will not go to New York until I am 100% happy with my condition (also I have NO money!!). I have competed in National competitions and the Universe competition and this was AMAZING! It has been a trying but rewarding years and the support I receive is overwhelming. Financially I have been able to travel to the competitions and enter them because of my numerous jobs I have, and the support of my friends, family and sponsor  namely  MuscleWorx.  The Living Beauty girls are also a backbone for me. Surround yourself with Success and let this drive you!

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Tamika Webber - 1st ANB Victoria 2011 Model Profile

Previous Sporting Achievements:

Won my "riding" for Australia for under 8 years old when I was 7 years old.

Competed nationally for Australia in equestrian at 21 years

Started sports modelling in 2011

ANB Victoria Titles 1st Place

ANB Nationals 3rd Place

WNBF Victoria 1st place

ANB Asia Pacific - class 2 1st Place
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Andrew Kim - Under 80kg Sydney & ANB Asia Pacific's Champion


Other highlights and achievements

■      Appeared on Kerri-Anne’s Morning Show on 10/06/2011 for an interview

■      2010 Fitness First New You Achievement Award strength category winner

■      Interview with Hard Core Aussie Muscle

■      Interview with Sports Vault Australia

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Sam Mammo - The Road To Mr Australia

I have always been interested in weight training. Photo’s of bodybuilders always fascinated me. I had the usual bullworker, housebricks on the end of broom sticks etc.

But nutrition was a dirty word in 1989 I walked into a bodybuilding supply store in Penrith and I was hooked, I think I asked the guy about 10,000 questions without taking a breath anyway we became friends and still are to this day, I started training correctly eating correctly and suddenly the changes started to materialize.
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Craig Winter - Masters Bodybuilding Champion

Who got me started: My Dad was a former Mr North East Britain from 1958 and he really inspired me to work very hard to earn a bodybuilder's physique. I used to love looking at his old bodybuilding photographs and reading his old Ironman magazines. I always admired the old legends like Frank Zane, Arnold Schwartzsnegger, Tom Platz, Dorian Yates, Sergio Olivia, etc. My father wrote my first programme and got me started back in 1983 at good old Rockingham Health Academy in WA.

 Future Goals: To continue competing for as long as my body allows me to.
                        Compete in more International Competitions.
                        Continuing to promote our sport and be as good as an ambassador as possible for Natural Bodybuilding.
                        Try to inspire others to better themselves and be the best they can be.
                        Pass on my knowledge wherever possible to help others achieve their ideal body goals.
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