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Renata Gajdosova - 2011 First Year Competing, Look out 2012!

It was in Feb.2011 when I decided to get my Body in Shape and get 6pack once in my life!  Diet and weight training was the right way for me to achieve my goal. In June I’ve decided to compete in Figure. I wanted to be on stage once in my life, to have that feeling. My coach gave me the right Diet and Training I followed. I’ve been very good all way through. I was very excited to compete in Sep. 2011. All what was in my mind was to be in the best condition as I could be. I’ve been very strict with my Diet and Training.  And my dream came through!!! Since Feb. 2011 I lost @ 10kg of my weight.
Nothing can beat that feeling! 
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Lindy Olsen - An amazing example of a true champion!

Lindy Olsen is a 6xWorld natural figure and Model champion, Certified personal trainer (VICFIT), fitness coach and winner of nine National and International figure titles.

Since losing 25 kg's almost eight years ago, Lindy has transformed not only her body, but her life. Lindy's own metamorphosis has lead her to become a role model for men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Lindy's personal experience, together with her supportive approach, has helped many people embrace what living and loving life to the fullest is all about. Since receiving her natural pro card in 2007 and becoming the editor for Oxygen Magazine Australia, Lindy has certainly made a career out of something she is so passionate about.

Lindy not only has featured in many newspaper articles, but has also written for and featured in Australian fitness magazines such as Australian Oxygen, Australian Ironman, Australian Muscle and Fitness, Women's Fitness and Ultra Fit. Continual support is paramount for Lindy and she is truly grateful for her sponsor's, Musashi, Under Armour, Elite Fitness, Power Balance, Tripple X streetwear and Bare to Bronze, whom allow Lindy to not only follow her personal dreams but also her dreams to help others. For more information on Lindy and her personal success program, visit

Lindy is also the editor of Oxygen Magazine and is a stong advocate to continue to promote

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Laura Debenedictis - U30 Fitness Model Australia Champion

It’s no secret I find the ANB to be the best federation to compete in. I absolutely love the fitness model category! It gives the competitor such a great opportunity to show their personality over various rounds, and provides a middle ground between sports models and figure. 

Bring on 2012!


It was only about 12 months ago that I decided to change my life.

Boy was I lazy!! The closest I came to training was bicep curling a cigarette or glass of alcohol to my mouth. NO JOKE! I had next to no interest in sport let alone competing!

Life was just one big party… After a few years the novelty wore off.

I guess eventually I got sick of my unhealthy lifestyle and never feeling alive and energetic. The one thing I did have was motivation to be extreme in anything I put my mind to. I loved a challenge. After some encouragement from my partner to join the gym and a personal trainer who believed in me, I changed my mind set and turned the motivated extreme attitude into training! I was hooked. It wasn’t long after I decided to compete! The best thing I've ever done!

I love the discipline, hard work and most of all the pay off!

I eat healthy, train 5-6 times a week, given up cigarettes and the party lifestyle.

I have never felt better! My mind feels clear and I am so much happier!


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David Berry - The Pathway To My Success

From the very early age of 4 years I was always impressed with strongmen, and actually went to a school fancy dress party at age 5, dressed as Atlas. My mother had made me a 50lb. replica weight from a “Vitabrits” packet, painted a curly moustache on me, and sent me on my way. I actually “felt” strong dressed like the legend “Atlas”.

David Berry 5 years of age        David Berry Over 50 years

These thoughts stayed with me till I was 16 and went to join a weight lifting club in Townsville, with the burning desire to compete in the Olympic Games. Well! What a disappointment. Here I was told I was too long and skinny to be a good Olympic weight lifter, and that I should go away and try some Bodybuilding for a few years to see if my resemblance to a stick insect could be minimised.

I didn’t have any money, so I managed to get hold of some scrap steel discs and a bar and started training at home, learning all I could from the American bodybuilding magazines, only because there were no Australian Mags produced back in the early 1960’s.

Steve Reeves was a legend back then, and when I saw him as Hercules in a movie, with his huge arms destroying the pillars of a Roman Coliseum, he fuelled my enthusiasm.

I was active in the sporting arena, with Surf Life Saving Clubs, and athletics, and used my home gym to try and gain some muscle. I married the love of my life, Gioia Tate at aged 21 and struggled somewhat, to fit in training with trying to earn enough money to buy a home and raise a family of three sons. I became so frustrated with the pressures of work and the lack of training, I started again when I was 27 years old, but this was short lived as I had taken on a State Management Role for a large American Company based in Brisbane. This was a high pressure job, and I could see it was affecting most aspects of my life.

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David Bentham - 2011 ANB Mr. Sydney (Tall Novice) 1st place


Hello, my name is David Bentham and I am a proud member of the ANB family. I am also a Strongman competitor with the NSW Strongman League. Bodybuilding has been a very important part of my life. I have made so many wonderful friends over the years and for that reason I consider myself a very lucky man.

I am a father to two beautiful boys, Riley (4) and Lucas (1). I am also a serving member of the NSW Police Force and I am employed as a Weapons and Tactics Instructor based in Sydney.

Please see below for further details:

Name: David Bentham - known as 'DB'
D.O.B: 30th March, 1977
Lives: Camden, New South Wales
Trains at: Mount Annan Leisure Centre
Sponsor: Muscle Beach Supplements Australia

Competition History:

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Murray Graham - ANB National General Secretary


I am Murray Graham, general secretary with the ANB. I have been involved with the ANB since inception and have met many wonderful people during my years of involvement both on stage competing and off stage enjoying the show. I enjoy seeing each and every person who attends our ANB shows weather it be competing or in the audience having fun admiring the fine physques being displayed at each and every competition. I have met many life long friends along the way and consider myself extremely fortunate in doing so. Sitting on the judging table for 15 years alongside
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