ANB Pro Card

ANB Pro Card


How to Earn an ANB PRO Card

To win an ANB Pro Card you must be the overall winner in your category at any of the below competitions. You are then eligible to compete as a Pro Athlete at any ANB Pro Competition:

  • Oceania International
  • Australian National Titles
  • Ms Fitness International
  • New Zealand National Titles
  • Universe International
  • UFE world Championships


Conditions of an ANB Pro Card

  • ANB Pro Cards are valid for a 12 month period. The renewal date is November each year. All Current ANB Professional Athletes will not be required to renew until November 2018
  • Renewal fee is $175 which includes your Pro Card Renewal AND your ANB Membership for the following 12 months
  • If you chose not to renew you will forfeit your pro card, and you are eligible to compete as an amateur. You will then have to re qualify to become a Pro athlete again if you wish to compete as a pro in the future
  • The ANB request that for the first year of your pro status you compete only in ANB Pro competitions.
  • After that 12 month period if you would like to change your conditions to compete in a Pro Competition with any other federation you will need to contact an ANB executive member to ask permission.

Current ANB Pro Athletes

Alexandra Xavier Fitness Model UFE 2015 ANB 2016 Universe International 2017 

 Kate Bartolo  Swimsuit Model UFE 2016 & Universe International 2017 

Taylah Brown Swimsuit Model ANB Universe 2016  & 2017

Bill Cairns Body building UFE 2016 

Murray Calcutt Muscle model ANB universe 2016 

Olivia Crispin Fitness model UFE 2016 

Anthony Da Silva Body building ANB Universe 2016

Aristides Georgopoulos Fitness model ANB Universe 2016  

Janina Hamelock Physique ANB Universe 2016 & 2017 

Alana Johnson Figure ANB Universe 2016  

Vincent Nelson Muscle Model UFE 2016  

Kim Parrott Physique UFE 2016  

Fabiana Pelucio Fitness Model  ANB Universe 2016  

Ben Raso  Fitness Model UFE 2016 

Sasha Victoria Smoor  Fitness Model UFE 2016

Belinda Lyons Figure overall  ANB Nationals 2016 Universe International 2017

Danny Schneider Body building overall  ANB Nationals 2016 & Universe International 2017 

Rachael Miller  Figure Overall  Oceana championships 2017

Rinita Oliverio Overall Figure Miss fitness Australia 2017

Dean Masters Overall Muscle model Oceana Championships 2017

Belinda Dare Cracknell  Womens Physique overall champion  Oceana Championships 2017

Luke Anderson  Men's Bodybuilding overall champion Oceana championships 2017 

Susana Given Women's Figure Universe International 2017

Dax Bungay Muscle Model Universe International 2017

Vergara Paolo    Men's Bodybuilding Universe International 2017

Asther Aguazon Munar  Male Fitness model Universe International 2017  

Kent Jasper B Delos Reyes  Male Muscle model Universe International 2017

Petra Mudroch  Female fitness model Universe International 2017

Noel Estrella Diaz Male fitness model Universe International 2017

Miguel Alfonso V Cabang Male fitness model Universe International 2017

Arnold S Salas Male fitness model Universe International 2017

Helen Huang Swimsuit model  New Zealand  International 2017

Peter Mapagu Male Bodybuilding Universe International 2017

Olivia Scanlan  Swimsuit model New Zealand International 2017

Claudia Duve Womens figure Universe International 2017

Huan Nguyen Mens Bodybuilding Universe International 2017

Terence Santimano Muscle Model Universe International 2017

Tania Fortunato Swimsuit model Universe International 2017

Joel Ramintas Men's Bodybuilding Universe international 2017

Tim Martin Men's Bodybuilding Universe International 2017

Shantelle Burgemeister Female Physique Universe International 2017

Philip Babitsky Mens Bodybuilding New Zealand Nationals 2017









ANB Universe international Pro

ANB Universe international Pro Show Conditions

All ANB ,UFE and PNBA  Pro cards holders are eligible to compete. Professional Athletes from other federations will be considered at the discretion of the ANB Executive.

Divisional winners in the amateur divisions at the ANB Universe International will win provisional right to enter the pro show in the same year but will not receive an ANB Pro Card.

Entry Costs: Pro show $300.00, Amateur division winners $150.00