About Us

The idea behind Bulk Nutrients started approx 9 years ago when Managing Director Ben Crowley, lived in Japan for 12 months teaching. A keen trainer and supplement user, he was shocked by the prices of supplements in Japan. As supplements were so hard to come by in Japan, he bought his personal supply from The U.S and had them shipped to Japan where he lived, given the language barriers this was easier than buying locally.

Being from Australia he just assumed that we paid reasonable amounts for supplements in Aus, that was until he started buying them direct from the U.S.

He was amazed at how cheap they were from the U.S and how much we paid for exactly the same products in Australia. When he looked into why this occurred, a few things became clear. U.S Supplements were not expensive to manufacture, they were mostly made by massive contractors who also make other food products (the company on the label rarely makes their own products). They are so cheap due to the efficiency of manufacture, the cost of the labour and the competitiveness of the market. If you are unsure of how cheap they are, simply look at some U.S retail sites.

Given they were so cheap in the U.S the only real reason for their high pricing in Australia was the margins commanded by the importers, distributors and re-sellers in Australia. Should we really be paying twice the price due to a supply chain, which we don’t need? Well, that was the question he felt more people needed to ask...

Were these middlemen really necessary and what if someone produced a line of products in Australia, which utilises our higher quality proteins, saving money by cutting out the middlemen? A system so efficient, where very large amounts of ingredients were shipped in, products were manufactured on one site and then dispatched directly to the customer online, with no shop front. Direct from the factory to the customer as simple and efficient as it could possibly be.

Unfortunately, all the companies until then in Australia had followed the U.S model, which was to utilise a contractor in Australia, use an importer for much of their ingredients, then distribute their products through retailers.

This supply chain only gets more expensive in Australia as our volumes are lower and our costs are so much higher (labour, utilities, fuel etc), which is why so many Australian branded products cost so much.

It seemed there was such a call for something like this in Australia, and from there, Bulk Nutrients was born.

Bulk Nutrients 2013

Fast forward close to 9 years to 2013 and Bulk Nutrients is thriving.

We now employ the equivalent of 20 full time staff, we process 20,000kg of protein a month, many tonnes of Amino Acids, Carbohydrates and extracts. We have the capacity to blend and package well over 2 tonnes of product in a day, on 4 different state of the art production lines – equipment worth close to $500,000.

We have literally hundreds of product options, and every single product we sell is manufactured in our own factory.

The Bulk Nutrients factory in Tasmania is a site to be seen. It totals 2200 square meters, we have over 300 sq meters dedicated to production, 600 square meters for raw good storage, 500 square meters for finished stock, and we are expanding all the time.

We dispatch so many orders that our Australia Post bill will be over $1,000,000 this financial year.

So, who are Bulk Nutrients?

Bulk Nutrients is made up of many different people, Trainers, Scientists, an Ex Policeman and even a Doctor.

The key people in Bulk Nutrients who research, refine and develop products have significant backgrounds in Biology, Chemistry and other Sciences.

Apart from being manufactures and suppliers, who provide the product direct to the end user, removing all middlemen, Bulk Nutrients are a little different.

Bulk Nutrients only use products that work and don’t push gimmicks.

You only have to open up a magazine to hear about the latest wonder compound. This protein is 40 times superior to that one, and so on, the trickery just doesn’t stop.

No wonder it confuses many people. At Bulk Nutrients we can develop and sell any products we want, however we will not market gimmicks with questionable value.

We have access to ingredients from all around the world, and we import millions of dollars worth each year, as well as buy locally where possible.

While we can develop any products, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that our biggest sellers, Whey Concentrate, Whey Isolate, Creatine, BCAA’s etc are the biggest sellers.

Why? Because they work!

We’ll leave the poorly conducted research studies and questionable data to others. Any formulations we put together – our flavoured BCAA’s and Pre Workout products being great examples, are first class.

Products with no fillers, only ingredients that have been backed by legitimate research. In our Pre Workout Product you will find Creatine, Beta Alanine Citrulline Malate, our flavoured BCAA’s only BCAA’s and Citrulline Malate – as CM has been proven to improve absorption of BCAA’s as well as provide nitric oxide benefits of its own. Our Electrolytes, fat burners etc are equally pure, and of course our Proteins are the same.

The biggest difference you will find between our proteins and those of other companies is on the nutritional panel and the ingredient list. While theirs will likely include all kinds of numbers, additives, binders, fillers, thickening agents (which all reduce purity), Bulk Nutrients proteins simply have the necessary flavourer and sweetener, with as much of the protein as possible.

Another positive about Bulk Nutrients is the lack of proprietary blends. We do not believe in hiding any ingredients or formulations from the public. All of our custom blends list exactly what you are getting and in what doses. This makes it very easy to compare the value for money of our supplements and understand exactly what you are putting into your body.

As people fastidious about their health, this should be a very important concern for most people and it’s a reason why many demand the honest approach of Bulk Nutrients.

Finally, you’ll notice a distinct lack of warnings on our labels noting “this product may contain traces of soy, gluten, nuts, eggs”, etc etc. This is because we make supplements, this is all we do, unlike almost every contractor, our factory does not double as a supermarket stocking chain. This way we can guarantee you strict quality control, with dedicate lines for specific products.

In terms of service, we have a team dedicated to receiving, processing and packaging all orders. Due to our very high demand, this happens 6 days a week, starting from 7am each day.

Our service is so efficient that if your order comes in before 3pm on a weekday it will be dispatched the same day. If it comes after this point, it will leave the next business day.

All orders under 3kg are sent via express post, with all larger orders sent surface mail. Bulk Nutrients is quite unique in that every single order requires a signature on delivery (unless you specify otherwise), which guarantees you a secure delivery.

Customer Service

In terms of service, it doesn’t end there. Although we are a discount manufacturer and supplier, we realise that the service component of such businesses are an important part of gaining repeat custom.

We have people dedicated to answering all technical questions on line, we can also be contacted by phone. This advice differs a little from the typical advice a store person may give you. We won’t tell you a product is necessary when it isn’t and we may well recommend that you take food instead of supplements in some cases. We are happy to explain why we have formulated a product as we have, so you get a better understanding of its function.

It is the same approach we take to our own supplement use. While all of the products we sell can offer a benefit, usage depends on the person and their circumstances. We aren’t going to load up a first time supplement user on hundreds of products when he’ll get the best benefits from WPC and Creatine – and save himself a packet in doing so.

Most importantly, at Bulk Nutrients we won’t treat you like an idiot. There are many things we don’t know, and when we need advice on such subjects we may be calling you! Whether it be computers, renovations, mechanics, or government policy, people usually have their area of expertise, ours happens to be supplementation.

If you call or email us, we realise that you are trusting our advice and we are very respectful of that. We’ll give it as best we can, but we’ll always encourage you to do your own research too.

Lastly, we love advice and any recommendations.

Its no secret that many of our products have been introduced due to customer demand and we recognise that many of our customers are extremely knowledgeable about many products and ingredients. If there is something you’d like us to stock, please let us know and we will always give it careful consideration.

Finally, thanks for supporting Bulk Nutrients. In the last few years we have grown massively and our rate of growth does not appear to be slowing down. If you are happy with our products and service, the best thing you can do for us is to recommend us to any friends/family/associates that you feel are paying too much for supplements.

Keep in mind that free samples can always be requested from our page, which can soon make even the most skeptical user a believer once they sample our products.

Bulk Nutrients Team