The ANB Asia Pacific Championships officially got underway today. With over 340 competitors this is a full on extravaganza.

Previous years I have popped in to watch the Sunday show– however this year I had a photo shoot opportunity with Dallas Olsen and couldn’t be there. RESULTS FOR SA BELOW.

This morning I woke up tanned as anything from head to toe from yesterdays tan and needed a shower bad… BUT had to get a coffee. So wiped my face off and headed down to the barista to get Amelia and myself some amazingness. The barista gave me a loyalty card – he knows he will see me again

I woke up at 7am and not 5am for a changed and must’ve really needed that sleep – we think it did me good.

After all the doubt that you get when you have done shows before and certain things leading up to comps while searching for a SECRET – restricting foods, dropping carbs, manipulating water, cardio at certain time, this supp, that supp – when I was told from the start it was simple (not ever easy to change habits over time and mindset for excuses) but SIMPLE. This time I didn’t do that crazy stuff again. I still trained – this I will always do. I still ate well. This is key. I woke up today – had my coffee and breakfast, put a amazing hand crafter Jo Rogers bikini on and finally went ‘I CAN do this!’ – it was a moment for sure.

Today’s rundown:

7-10:30am Shower & Tan, Make Up – Amelia is AMAZING, Hair, Listen to Gemma’s tunes, rang my MUM for her Birthday!!

Gemma and Amelia had the experience of putting lashes on each other (I may have needed two goes at this ha!)

1030am – Taxi to Dallas

11am – Arrive at Dallas’ studio and Oxygen headquarters

Dallas has an amazing studio and is a fantastic photographer. I was up first – bikini on, lipstick on, heels on – POSE TIME. Not being a natural at this model thing I love having Dallas there that just knows. Amelia was a fantastic help and we both had so much fun. Lindy and Lauren popped in and they are just gorgeous hard working women. I loved today and seeing everyone, surprising myself and being able to help be apart of this day.

After the shoot we headed home and chilled out.

6pm – Went for a walk around Surfers. Good to get out and this weather is a little warmer than the nights in Adelaide so we made the most of it.

730pm – Amelia cooked dinner in the apartment (YUM! – wife that, oh wait, someone did) and we now need to pack and get all ready for tomorrow which is COMP DAY! So bikinis, sportswear, dresses, tan, hair, make up, bling. Most of all the attitude to have fun. And honestly that’s what Im having.

Thank you for all the support! I will next blog after tomorrows event.

I have a huge day being on stage 5 times and 7 if you include the presentations. I have my meals for the day and water. We already have dinner all prepared. Nothing crazy – that’s not me. Looking forward to a great day.


–          Teenage Kwame Duah 1st place winner

–          Couples Andrea & Duncan 1st place winners

–         Mens Grand Masters Warwick Williams 1st place winner


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