The excitement started building yesterday (Friday) as I prepared to fly from Adelaide to the Gold Coast. Every year I travel up by myself but this time I have my trusty side kick and all round awesome friend Mrs Amelia Ricci (

Some things that had to be organised the week of a comp and a few shoots – bags packed, travel sorted, house cleaned and puppysitted! CHECK!!

So this morning was Media Day for the ANB Asia Pacific’s – open for competitors only. It is a special event for a comp where in Steve Jones and Robert Bell take photos of the athletes and use all year in Natural Bodz Magazine, on websites, in articles, in promotions and calendars. It’s such a good experience especially if you do not get behind the camera that often Steve tends to be a great guide to the athletes.

I was there at 7am for makeup and my shoot was at 810am. There was a service you can buy to be tanned for the shoot flawlessly before you shot if you didn’t arrive tanned. You can also purchase the makeup and hair as a package that takes the worry if you cannot or do not want to do it yourself.

I was FIRST up being photographed for the day. I did the bikini shot – wearing a beautiful Jo Rogers creation (  then as I changed in to my sportswear. What do you pack for this shoot – BIKINI, SPORTWEAR (none branded – solid colours), heels, camera for selfies and comp cards if you have them. Full details are provided to you in an email two months prior to the event.

Two other fitness models shot – being the shredded couple Melissa Le Man and Sonny Brown were able to jump in and get their bods captured. I really loved seeing them again and they are both great ambassadors for fitness.

The photo shoots are a max of 10-20mins. So it’s about 5mins for the bikini shot and 5 mins for the sportswear. You go until Steve gives you the thumbs up.

Amazing bodies will be seen today in front of that lenses and I highly recommend that if you do this show you ensure you book in for this EARLY and spots are limited. So I was out of there after chats at 9am.

Next on the list to do was Registration at 2pm so we had some time to kill.

  • Good Coffee
  • Good Food
  • Book another tan
  • Food shopping – step aside woollies fruit and veg – we are coming after you (our fridge now looks amazing)
  • Then Rego.

Great organisation again as we arrive at the Watermark ready to register. Each division for the Sunday and Monday had their own time slot to get their numbers and put their music in. This made for less wait. There was a line however this moved quickly and we were able to meet and chat to other competitors that I hadn’t seen in a year! You need to have PRE-REGISTERED online and then you need to be a member of the ANB ($150 a year). You can also buy tickets to the event here, the DVD, the stage pics and collect a competitor bag filled with item from sponsors.

Always love a good goodie bag – Muscle Nutrition and International protein samples, copies of Natural Bodz Magazine, hats, shakers, t-shirts… it’s really like xmas in June. THANKS SPONSORS!!

After rego it was a quick shower before heading to a local shop that let us GO WILD with their tanning gun (so nice of them). This is where I had my very first experience of spraying tan on someone else and I’m thankful that it all worked out and I can now put ‘tan master’ as one of my skills.

Tomorrow we have a shoot with Mr Dallas Olsen which is going to be such a treat. Its also my MUMS BIRTHDAY!!! I will be calling her as a priority first thing 🙂

Cant wait to update you all again on my adventures up here on the Gold Coast – it may be overcast but never takes away from the fact that we are experiencing a great event and being around and supporting people who love to work hard and do what they love all year.



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