The ANB Asia Pacific Fitness Model Championships were held in the Gold Coast today 10 June 2013! This was my third trip up to this competition and serious is the best weekend wherein I get to see so many of the people I really admire, respect and connect with throughout the year.

I was named Team Captain of the SA Girls which was nice because 2 years ago – there was no one but me and another from SA – now there’s a TEAM! Whether you were known to me or not – I did really want to chat to as many of you as possible and here your goals and make sure you were enjoying the day.

Results (according to what I can see!! )

Male Fitness Model Under 30 Ben Abstacker

Male Fitness Model Over 30 Jin Ho Choi

Male Muscle Model Denver Stein

Female Open Model Tall Carla Neew

Female Open Model Short Rachael Jacobson

Female Fitness Model Under 30 Tall Ebony McLaughlin

Female Fitness Model Under30 Short Melissa Le Man

Female Fitness Model Over 30 Dj Kitty Kat


Congratulations to ALL the above and all the athletes – from here we will see people grace the covers and insides of magazines for health, fitness and bodybuilding. Sponsors will pick athletes for promotions. Natural Bodz Magazine will also pick their Vegas Team for November!

Now the day is massive– here is a bit of a run down from what I did:

6AM – Wake Up, Coffee, Breakfast

730AM – Make Up, Hair, Tan (thank you Amelia!!! – superstar)

930AM – Competitors Briefing at Robina (15min taxi from apartment)  – we went through the walking and posing to ensure the show was at the standard it is known for.


My rounds went as follows

Bikini first up – OPEN MODEL BIKINI ROUND TALL (Im 165.5cm, 0.5cm in the tall)

Change into Rountine – ROUTINE 90SECS. Some costumes where outstanding and costs up to $5k. Some girls from Brazil were just stunning

Change into Fitness Bikini – U30 FITNESS MODEL BIKINI ROUND TALL

Small break – went out and saw the audience, friends, Adelaide Team


Small break – went out to the stands and audience again



Change back into the first bikini – BIKINI MODEL

Change back into Dress – FITNESS MODEL


See – WOW!!! Huge day. Fuelled by fruit, coconut water and my normal meals.

No matter if you win, place, or be apart of the action, it is just a FUN day! As in International Competition with such high calibre competitors I am just in awe of what unfolds.

I saw so many people that this was really the highlight of my day. It was great to have chats with them and see if we can sneak in a photo for memory sakes. I got to give some big hugs (BEST!) Ive made friends I always keep in contact with from comps so it’s amazing to see them again and make new ones.

Steve and Antoinetta Jones – they both work so hard to get this show up for the whole year and have so many other things going on – ALL FOR THE BENEFIT OF US and the health and fitness industry. They (and their team, the team from ANB and sponsors) I send a huge thank you for all their hard work. The number of us that come along is a reflection of just the quality of this show.

The backstage crew too – they always let you know how long everything will be and where you need to go on. With that many competitors it really is a big job.

Obi as MC – can never fault him. So much energy and great to have him down here in Australia.

I had Amelia there ( to help me on the day. SAINT!!! I wanted to make sure she enjoyed the day as much as I did. It’s been a great trip and I owe her for stepping in and rising to the challenge of helping me this morning.

I really am looking forward to the next 6-12 months seeing what unfold from myself and also from the event – I really felt so healthy this year and know I have not yet reached some goals like my deadlift and muscle up. If you saw me today you would have seen the energy and life in me even after so much. I highly recommend just living a life that comes naturally and easy to you – makes you happy and then you actually ENJOY the journey. You do not feel deprived – because you are not. You are not hungry because you eat. You do not look at others and feel bad because you are doing things everyday to be a better person – for you and those around you.

Yes, I may talk like I just popped happy pills – but why waste life just wishing you had something else. Days like today, I just am reminded that I love wellness. I will never change- it’s me and makes me feel good.

Highlights of my trip: Steve Jones Shoot, Dallas Shoot, being able to surprise myself with my body after just caring about being fit and healthy (see – pays off!) and spending time with good people.

Hope you have liked following my blogs these last few days and stay tuned for all the opportunities created 🙂

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