Top 3 Results

1. Scott Nelson
2. Bradley Wanke
3. Brento Bird

1. Gerard Lewis
2. Brandon Lee

Mens Masters Over 40
1. Billy Bryson (Overall Winner)
2. Will Stozer
3. Michael Deane

Mens Grand Masters Over 50
1. Mark Robson

Figure Novice
2. Nicolena Sabatini
3. Kathy Isaacson
4. Lessa Hay Tee

Mens Novice
1. Mark McCormack
2. Andrew Ting
3. Matthew Coan

Figure Mastesr Over 35
1. Mareike Miller (Overall Winner)
2. Lisa Allen
3. Kathy Isaacson

Figure Grand Masters
1. Patrician McKibbon
2. Kathy Bower

Bodybuilding U70kg
1. Andrew Ting
2. Scott Nelson
3. Lincoln Chen

Figure Open
1. Mareike Miller (Overall Winner)
2. Nicolena Sabatini
3. Melissa Limberis

Bodybuilding Under80kgs
1. Billy Bryson (Overall Winner)
2. Mark McCormack
3. Gerard Lewis

Bodybuilding Under90kg

1. Will Stoetzer
2. Adam Baker
3. Tom Sutherland


Swimsuit (short and tall)

Bek Brice
Samantha Symes

Fitness (over and under 3 + male)

Lucina Porcelli (female under 35)

Josh Blake (male fitness)


Gorgeous Living Beauties at ANB – Elle Blackwell 2nd place fitness, Sally Drouin 3rd place fitness, Joanna Bezzina 2rd place fitness over 35yrs –


Well done to David Salamon for putting on this show.

MC – Terry Stone

Judges on the day:
Head Judge Alison Moyle
Janelle McLean
Graham McLean
Gemma Dawson (ME!)
Dayni Baker
Duncan Rankin
Tommy Settimio
Tabulator – Dab Koronis

Backstagies: Ray Moyle, Aaron Braithwaith and Alex

Trophie girls – Mel Gilard and Lily Hayes

Music – Deejay Josh


Athletes from all over South Australia came to Norwood on Sunday for the ANB SA show. It’s only the third year running in South Australia but this competition attracted so many quality athletes.

The doors opened at 1030am and the venue started to fill up with supporters for the morning bodybuilding show.

There were 12 categories and each division was highly contended. Women’s Novice having an encouraging high number of competitors and the gorgeous Mereike Miller returning to the stage after 10 years and now crowned overall champion after winning her divisions.

The Men’s divisions showing us that condition is not lost with age and we can only get better with the Masters Over 40 competitor Billy Bryson taking out overall, with some amazing young men showing they can also hold their own with great conditioning.

All bodybuilding competitors had an opportunity for a posing routine and every unplaced athlete received a medallion/medal.

The routines were my favourite even if they are not judged in being able to see the creativeness and personalities of each athlete. Nicolena Sabatini’s Michael Jackson inspired routine was the stand out for me with amazing presentation of her hard work and musicality.

The Fitness show took off at 3pm and with some massive line up. We had our work cut out for us as judges. The top placed girls all show great conditioning, stage presence and presentation.

The theme wear round just wowed the audience and the personalities shown through. Indians, Cupid and a Lollypop girl – each show they just step this division up a notch. Girls MUST bring their personalities to the stage and engage us.

All the trophy getters listed now eligible to compete at the ANB Australia National competition 11/13 weekend in NSW. Hopefully there is a huge team ANBSA team heading over for the opportunities that arise!

Details of National shows and opportunities –

If you are after feedback from the show – please contact the promoter to pass on this request to the head just that received all the judges feedback.  There were some great images captured on the day and so many more to come. Don’t forget to try and get done professional shots of your hard work! If you are in Adelaide a new up and coming photographer taking some wild shots

Many athletes taking their own images and posting these on social media – great memories!!  It’s always great to hear the stories behind the bodies. Social medial has allowed us to connect with those stories and see the support and love that goes into reaching goals. Thank you’s to partners, supporters, trainers, service providers  – the love was flowing and the industry of fitness is booming.

Competing is 99% journey 1% stage time so the average person that is not used to the goal driven and focused lifestyle may never understand what these competitions are about. Despite the results on the day – you set a goal, you set a date and you got up there and gave it 110%! As soon as you step onto that stage you are a winner – you have got up there. This is where the sportsmanship comes into it, your competition is to be respected for standing there also.

Placing’s vary from comp to comp, and everyone would love to win so you must always remember your personal achievements and triumphs along your journey to be the true winner. Big Picture. You are most likely in the best condition of your life.


Living Beauty are taking details of those interested in 2015 season. Our clients have worked with us for years, season after season, goal after goal. Some go from shape up to competition, to wedding, to post baby or other kinds of combinations and we love the friendships that naturally form between all the girls even though we have an online service. We open up applications each season and make sure we communicate with you before anything is signed to ensure we are a good fit. Please look at the website and contact Amelia with some details on your goals if you are serious about making those changes you’ve been promising yourself.

Please feel free to email me at


Gemma Dawson

Blog writer for the Australian Natural Bodybuilding website

Featured Athlete/Competitive Fitness Model and Motivational Personality

Assistant Coach and Online Trainer

‘Get HEALTHY and you NATURALLY get LEAN’ – Gemma Dawson