How many people say they would do something – from getting the body they always wanted, job they dream about, the life they always believe they deserved; if they had that amazing thing called TIME (and even money but that’s different kettle of fish).

You hear the ‘NO TIME’ excuse every day. Probably multiple times. You probably are even guilty of it yourself??

The truth is that being successful sometimes means getting busy. But getting in tip top shape is really achievable despite running a business, a household, being an employee, taking care of family, having a girlfriend/boyfriend, social events to attend and many other obligations you may have going on.

Most are guilty of that little chestnut called OVERTHINKING! It’s really not a good thing at all. It can burn you out and exhaust you. You can give up before you’ve even started. You can get emotionally drained when all that energy from just thinking can be used for the action to get to your goals.

You hear the saying ‘obsessed is what a lazy person calls dedicated’, however I’ve met and even been in a position where one thing totally and utterly consumed my whole being. I actually can’t remember anything else when I’m in that state but for that one thing (undiagnosed OCD tendencies much, embrace them! Ha!). It may have only been for a day, week, or even months, but if there are whole periods of time that you are only focused on ONE thing – how can that be good. You need some distraction and reality.

I’m here to tell you that from experience, that yes, it’s good to put in the 100% effort in what you love to do and what you are creating. On the journey of obtaining victory you need to find a balanced approach that whatever you do blends in quite seamlessly with life. It’s a JUDST DO IT attitude – from going to work, to prepping healthy food, going to training without over thinking every little thing.

Remember that you enjoy what you are doing and doing it because you want to, not because you have to. You are not focused on all the things other people may have, what you are missing out on and how busy you are because what you are doing is FOR YOU and its making you happy. If you are not enjoying what you are doing then it may be time to re-evaluate.

We always have a choice to wake up and get through the day and I always say ‘CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE’. It really will make a difference!

By finding a balance – I do not stress about training sessions I have to do, nor do I spend hours in the gym (so much other activities to do). I do not say no to things when I really want to say yes to. I do not do anything I don’t want to do because – we are not machines. We are feeling, living, breathing, beautiful people that should enjoy the life we have and never take a second for granted. Do other things that have nothing to do with what you do most of the time, step out that comfort zone and open yourself up to possibilities.

What are some things right now that keep me busy and get me to reach my goals (includes being happy) –

    • Combining compond weight training, with crazy high intesity cross fit sessions. Josh from Mitise in SA has definetly whipped my butt in some beach sessions and doesnt take bribes, excuses, hand on hips, anything less than my best (JOOFDI!!!) Website: Facebook:
    • Enjoying the food in season at the moment and the change in weather. I know know how much I have learnt in this regard.
    • Planning a holiday early December with a good friend from Perth, also planning for 2013
    • Taking time out – watching movies, getting coffees, going to lunches/dinners, events, BEACH!!
    • Speaking to people from the girl at the shops, to the ones that make my coffee, listening to their experiences and what they have to offer the world. I’m always up for miggling!
    • Developing my career (BEST! It’s what puts a roof over my head, food in my belly and where I spend alot of that time we cant buy back)
    • Coaching, seminars, workshops for Living Beauty WORKSHOP: Email me

To share: I received a lovely message from a friend on the east coast last night that showed me that I inspired him early this year and he has just reached his amazing goal. In April, he said he wanted my beachside apartment in Adelaide. I told him that if he works hard, he can have his own. Not thinking much of it, six months later he had purchased his own bit of Australia right where he wanted!! To hear this from someone like him it was truly amazing and to give someone the belief that they can do anything they want to do (Go VT!, Melbourne represent!)

That’s my positivity slammed down your eye sockets and hope that in the journey to the life you want you get to experience and remember all the people that joined you on the journey to awesome.

Comments/feedback/suggestions welcomed!

PS: I get asked alot when Im competing next.. and I really LOVEEEEEE competing, I love training, I love the atmosphere. I decided in June 2012 after the ANB Asia Pacific International Championships to next compete at that event again for the third year in a row. So 2013. Gold Coast. Lets do it! I dont know how I will go not getting into my sparkly bikinis til then but it is summer and normal bikinis will have to do. Heres a link to my blog from last comp day! – Enjoy

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