To our ANB family

Today we all said farewell to Mr Russell Brereton, ANB QLD President.

Mr Russell Brereton, the man whom along with his darling wife Rachael have made the ANB QLD show their own.

When the opportunity was presented, it was taken with pride & passion to provide a show that was run in his own unique way. One that at all times had his athletes as first & foremost priority.

He provided opportunities for his QLD athletes to showcase their hard work on his stage ensuring that each & every single athlete thoroughly enjoyed their experience. What he provided for his athletes was his way of ensuring the ANB growth within QLD.

The way in which he welcomed each & every person who walked into his auditorium was always with his warm smile & genuine handshake of a proud man.

His work with the ANB Executive, has left his passion for a sustainable future here in QLD.

As competitive bodybuilder, he achieved what others can only dream of. Both on & off stage he took the judges decisions on the chin always whilst striving to improve his physique.

In 2011 seeing big Russ, competitor no: 212 crowned Mr Australia at the ANB Nationals was something that was his reward for his life long commitment to the sport he loved. That great day, will forever be etched within my mind & heart.

We all share our own fond bodybuilding memories of Russell, none more than Craig Sparreboom who has trained with & stood beside big Russ on numerous occasions on stage. These two great athletes showed all the true meaning of mates competing against each other.

The day that I met Russ was one that I will never forget, as from that day onward I knew that I had a mate for life. It was backstage pumping up at the nationals when he came over to me & introduced himself. I said g’day big Russ, instantly we clicked & pumped up together.

His warm smile, his loving & caring of others is a trait that he had in abundance. He is a genuine down to earth bloke that meant so much too so many.

The following words are Russell’s, from his profile on our ANB website dated 2011.

“I have been involved with the ANB for more than 10 years as a competitor and more recently as a judge. I am proud of my competitive record and have achieved some great results over the years.

From the first time that I met Robert Powell and the rest of the ANB family in 2001 I felt as if this was my home. I cannot speak highly enough of the people involved with the ANB, from the Executive to the volunteers at the shows. Every person involved always makes you feel special as a competitor in a truly professional environment.

Competing over the years has given me much joy and on some occasions disappointment. But, every judging decision I have received in the ANB has been fair and justified. No matter which federation you may usually compete with, you can always be sure that you will be judged fairly and without fear of politics influencing a decision. The judging panel always consists of well-credentialed officials with years of competitive experience.

The backstage experience at an ANB competition is always friendly and professional. I don’t know what it is about the ANB but it is the only federation that I have had this feeling with. I have met so many great friends through the ANB, both competitors and officials.

With a personal competition record of 33 bodybuilding shows across a number of federations, I have achieved all I wish to achieve on the stage. This sport has given me so much and has helped me grow on both a personal and professional level. For me, it is time to give back to the sport and the federation that has that has had the biggest influence on my life.

After recent discussions with Robert Powell and other ANB officials I am honoured to announce that my beautiful wife Rachael and I have been appointed as the promoters of the Queensland State Bodybuilding and Figure Titles.

With this comes great responsibility and high expectations. It is our goal to take the Queensland State Titles back to the heights we were seeing a few years ago. For a long time the ANB in Queensland has been without someone on the ground up here to get out in the streets and promote the show.

This year our goal is to achieve high competitor numbers and an auditorium packed with excited supporters and spectators. We want to encourage first timers and the up and comers of the sport to get up there and give it a go while also hoping to see some old faces back on stage. Support and advice will only be a phone call or email away. I am only too happy to help anyone along the road to competition day. I will also be conducting posing workshops leading up the Championships at no cost to help familiarise our new comers with the proceedings on the day. Experienced competitors are also welcome.

On the day you can expect a quality, friendly, fair and efficiently run competition, second to none. This will be achieved with a high level of drug testing, a very friendly and helpful environment, outstanding trophies and great sponsors all conducted in a fantastic venue.

As a competitor there is nothing better than being on stage in front of a packed auditorium. For this reason we will be making the entry fee for supporters and spectators very affordable.

Queensland has a tradition of producing many Australian Champions and for as many years as I can remember Queensland has always been the best performing state at the National Titles. So come and be part of the tradition.

Natural bodybuilding highlights

Current Mr Australia (Masters 40+)
3 time Mr Australia (light heavy/heavyweight)
Mr Australia Overall Champion
8 time Mr Queensland (light heavy/heavyweight)
4 time Mr Queensland Overall Champion
5 time Runner Up Mr Australia (light heavy/heavyweight)
Runner Up Mr Asia-Pacific (light heavyweight)

Russell Brereton”

Reading that again shows us all the great man that he is.

The ANB QLD show will always be remembered as Russell & Rachel’s show in the loving memory of big Russ.

Our love, condolences & support go to Russell’s wife Rachael & their families.

Russell Brereton our brother, love you mate, rest in peace.

Sincerely yours,

Murray Graham
ANB General Secretary