Hi everyone and I must say I am very pleased to be able to do some blogging for my ANB family and share some of my stories, results, tips, advice and pics.

I have just finished my May/June season of State and National Titles with 4 first place finishes in the Masters, 3 seconds in the Overalls and a second place in the Under 90kg class at the ANB Asia Pacific International!

Those four shows takes my tally of ‘career’ contests now to 49, so my next show in September this year will be my milestone 50th show!!

The ANB Asia Pacific held at the Robina Community Centre on June 10th was a cracker of a show and beautifully put together by Steve & Antonietta Jones. There was a huge number of competitors with some awesome line ups. I was very pleased to be in the Overall at the very end of the contest and having some fun with a bunch of great physiques that were owned by good blokes who were all friendly and interesting to talk to. And that is the great thing about extending yourself to do a national show, it is not just the stage time and preparation but it is the invaluable knowledge you incidentally acquire from the superb specimens that are all around you at the pre show registration, on contest day and at the post competition celebrations.

I am now enjoying a 4 week rebound after these shows of double my lowest carbohydrates and half the cardio I was doing just before my first state title in May. This has been working really well as I am still very lean but my muscles have filled out and my strength levels, particularly pressing power, has had a nice boost. The post contest rebound is very important to avail yourself of as the body super-compensates really well after going so hard with low carbs pre contest. This is good time to continue training and then maybe take some time off after that 4 week growth spurt has come to an end.

I will start my run in for the big 50th show in September in another one and a half weeks or so. I do like to keep myself sane with a cheat meal every Friday night and I will discuss how that works next time in Blog #2. In the mean time if you want to add me as a friend on Facebook via Craig Bodychisel you will be able to see loads of fun food posts from cheat meals, contest photos, nutrition and training tips and much more. My 2 rules for FB are no ‘cyber soap’ and always be positive and constructive in comments, posts and threads. Hope to hear from you soon! All the best till next time, Craig W