Hi again everyone,

Just thought I would touch base with a quick update whilst inbetween the WA State show and the Nationals in a few weeks time.

My recent State Title was in fact my 50th contest and a grand occasion it was for so many reasons. Firstly my wonderful fiancee Louise flew over from Melbourne to watch the show and so ably apply my stage tan for the day. My daughter Lauren, who went to my first contest back in 1994 as an infant, was also there to present the awards and prize bags to the Novice Men’s Division I sponsored under my BODYCHISEL consulting services. She is now 19 years old and a regular gym goer herself who likes to dabble in modelling and is considering stepping it up to perhaps a sportsmodel or bikini diva level.

It was a personal milestone for me and I did receive lots of well wishes both before, during and after the event. I really appreciated that and it was a pleasant surprise. The WA State President also presented me, at the end of the night, with a huge gold cup commemorating my 50 contests and that was really the awesome icing on the cake on what was a great day in general. 

Louise also gave me a wonderful and very special presentation box as we were relaxing at home before driving to the venue. It was a box with engraved gold plaques on the side decribing my 50 show achievement with two 50mm chisels sitting on gold material inside the box. The chisels an obvious way to mark the occasion given my BODYCHISEL business

And as usual afterwards we drove through the McDonald’s Drive-thru on the way home at 1am in the morning to get my favourite junk meal…Double Quarter Pounder with cheese, large fries and vanilla thickshake. I have always loved this as a cheat and times haven’t changed even now!!

So now I am keeping my diet clean as I approach the Nationals which I am very focused on. My cardio has been tapered even more to basically just once per day to allow me to supercompensate, fill out, dry out and hopefully come in even tighter than the State Titles.

I am looking forward to extending myself at the Nationals by giving the Under 90kg Class a red hot crack as I did at the Asia Pacific in June earlier this year. I put myself in the Open Short Class at my 50th show and was very pleased to have won that and I guess that really was some extra icing on that proverbial cake I mentioned earlier.

I wish all of you continued success with your own training and for those that are competing soon…”may the force be with you!”. At this stage it is definitely the case for “go hard or go home!!”

I will be back at a later date with more bits and pieces from CW’s bodybuilding world perhaps after the Nationals! 

Kind regards and best wishes, Craig W.