Hi again Everyone,
Well the end of 2012 approaches and I thought I would sneak in one more blog before the stroke of midnight on the 31st of December!

 Reflections and other ways to boost happiness
Always great to reflect on the year that was and we all say how fast it goes but do we really sit down and look back on all the things that were positive that also felt like great achievements?? Sometimes we dwell way too much on the negatives whilst at the same time stress out about the future. Living in the moment and trying to incorporate more optimism with positive affirmations is yet another way we can improve our mindset and happiness levels. I have discussed at length how passion, purpose and love are essential ingredients to sustain a happy and fulfilling life but a close second to that is living in the now whilst “looking at the glass half empty as actually half full!”
2012 for me was a year of great achievements in several areas where I managed to coordinate my Year 11 cohort I am in charge of at my school through a tough year of schooling as well as organize and run their week long camp in Perth City just 2 weeks before the Nationals in Melbourne and Sydney. My students have certainly grown both physically and emotionally and are now, I believe, ready to rock and roll for their all important Year 12 studies in 2013.
In amongst my very demanding and busy year at school I also managed to prepare for and compete in two seasons of bodybuilding contests including 3 state titles and 4 national titles with 5 first places and a second in the Overall line up on 4 occasions!! And of course my 50th contest was commemorated in my September WA State Title with a huge gold cup presented to me by the promoter and state president Sam Attrill.
Several of my clients who I helped prepare for the stage also did well with 2 firsts and 2 seconds.

My relationship with my fantastic fiancée Louise has continued to blossom and I am very lucky to have such a caring and supportive partner like her. Even though we live in different states we have proved that ‘where there is a will there is a way’ and that 2 people can become very close even though there might be 3000km between them!!  

I have also managed to enjoy continued friendships with some of my great mates both in WA and interstate as well as make some new friends along the way. My relationship with my parents and daughter Lauren has also become closer and I can honestly say that they are my best friends too.

My clients I have helped with their health and fitness lifestyle have all done well and are continuing to improve the way they both look and feel, and that for me is very satisfying indeed!
The final flourish for this calendar year was becoming a team member with the awesome EastCoast Supplements. They operate out of Queensland and ship supplements to anywhere in Australia. EastCoast Supps stock all the top brands such as Muscletech, BSN, Gaspari, Inner Armour, etc at very reasonable prices. You can ‘like’ their page on Facebook and send a PM to order or inbox luke@eastcoastsupplements.com.au
They also have a cool range of singlets, tees and hoodies. EastCoast Supps already support such ANB stars as Sung Lay, Nathan Wallace, Justin Firgara and Bryce Cleary so it was an absolute delight for me to become part of their crew. This will take my training and preparation to the next level and I am certainly looking forward to a great association with the ‘Black and Yellow’.
By listing some of the positive things you have achieved in a day, week, month or year and not worry about the negatives you can really improve the way you feel emotionally which in turn will help you function better physically. I learned from a young age, from my exceptional and eternally optimistic Mum, that focusing on the good aspects in your life is just so very important for so many reasons.
Many councellors will get their patients to log each day a few things that they perceived were positive. This may sound corny to some, but believe me when I say it can really help you change your mindset in a good way. Why not make this as one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2013 as well as setting some goals to improve your health and fitness. If you could incorporate these two things then I would say you will be a ‘force to reckon with’  by the end of next year!!
Supa Food Friday with Big Les!
Yes Big Les and I continue to enjoy our awesome feeds on Friday nights and pictured below is our recent feasting:
Course 1: Les’ amazing Soup of the Day was like Minestrone on the gear!! Full of organic veggies with some aged cheddar cheese sprinkled on the top as the proverbial icing on the cake.
Course 2: CW’s Carnivore Crustacean Conglomeration with 300g Porterhouse steaks, pork pies, Black Pudding and Antarctic King Crab. Apparently this King Crab is a real pest in the Antarctic as is eating everything in it’s path…gee kind of like me when I start my post contest rebound!!!
Course 3: Magnum Ice-creams and copious Cadbury mini treats.
Course 4: CW’s expresso coffee with the usual Brandy ‘digestives’ to help all that glorious food move through our systems!
Helping my mate Ash in our new gym
One of the great services you can do with your clients after giving them a nutrition and training regime is to actually do some workouts with them so they can get a taste for the intensity level as well as correct exercise technique and form. My client and friend Ash was keen to do just that, so I put him through his paces and showed him how to properly go about a true HIT style workout. Yes he was sore alright but pleasantly surprised how you can stimulate and train a muscle group so effectively with such low volume and in under 45 minutes!  We then sat on the life-cycles after the workout and had a good old chat to pass the time whilst doing 30 minutes of low intensity fat burning cardio.
I always say to my clients that I consult with that my ‘after sales service’ is very good and really like it when they ask me questions via talk, text, email, FB private messages or even training together for a few sessions. Their positive progress spurs me on to train harder so that I not only ‘talk the talk’ but ‘walk the talk’ as well!!
Exercise of the month
For Blog #17 I would like to focus on another great piece of plate loaded equipment by Technogym, the seated wide or narrow grip rowing machine (similar to Hammer Strength). This really taxes the big muscles of the back but at the same time very ergonomic on the lower back.  You can move quite a lot of weight without over-stressing the lower lumbar spine. As you may remember from previous blogs I am a big believer in the bent over barbell row as the king of all back exercises. This machine based movement is a great substitute to give the lower back a rest and might be a good idea to incorporate every other week instead of the barbell version.
Developing a thick wide back relies heavily upon rowing movements. Just take one look at some the Olympic rowers and their back musculature and you will see what I mean!!

CW’s Supa Porridge with bonus Mango!
Now that I am officially offseason and allowing myself extra carbs I thought I would give my porridge a boost with some extra fruit. My first meal of the day is really more like an awesome pudding. I put 3/4 cup of rolled oats in plenty of water and then microwave that on high for 1.5 minutes. Give it a stir and then cook it for another minute until it becomes quite volumous. I will then fold through 2 scoops of Gaspari Myofusion banana flavoured protein powder, add 5 or 6 chopped strawberries, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries and now a chopped frozen mango cheek. You can get the Harvest Time frozen mango cheeks from the Supermarket which saves you having to work around that annoying skin and seed of the whole mango itself. The frozen fruit cools the porridge down which works well for the warmer Summer months. And the great thing about mango, apart from the great taste, is the fact that it is a good alkalising fruit which in turn helps counter the potential acidity of a high protein diet. I sprinkle ground cinnamon on the top and wind up with something that resembles more like a dessert than a breakfast cereal!
In signing off for Blog #17 I would like to wish everyone a wonderful festive season with your family and friends as well as a prosperous and successful New Year in 2013.
I have really enjoyed ‘spilling the beans’ in relation to CW’s bodybuilding world and hope you have been able to take something from my waffle that has assisted you in some way shape or form. I look forward to meeting with you in cyberspace early next year when I publish my Melbourne holiday Blog #18 with another couple of kilos of added bodyweight after a most joyous festive feasting period!!
Kind regards, best wishes and all the best for your health and fitness in 2013!
Take care, Craig W.