Hi again everyone,

So good to be back blogging once more on the good old ANB Aussie website with my ANB family.

Things have been insanely busy at the Secondary School where I teach Maths and oversee Year 12 students as their Year Coordinator. Term 3 is really their last term so both the students and myself need to be very focused on the task at hand so as to hopefully maximize their performance by Graduation and final examination time come November.

My monthly blog is hence a bit late, maybe I should get a note from my Mum to explain my tardiness!!??

I always say “if you want something done, then ask a busy person”…when you are busy with a hectic routine you always seem to be able to schedule things in at the twelfth hour, including weight training and cardio. And I have just managed to keep my head above water with that too.

I am now 6 weeks out from the inaugural ANBWA Bodybuilding and Fitness Mania which is to be held on Sunday September 29 (see the final poster below).

David Salamon and Maria McCarter are doing a stirling job and have great sponsors lined up as well as great prizes and incentives. Should be an awesome event and I am very keen to prepare and represent even though my working life is making things a bit tricky from time to time.

One thing I am trialling with this pre-contest prep is once a day cardio instead of my usual twice a day approach. This in turn is saving me some time in my busy day which again is an added bonus. Of course, to offset this I have been very very strict with my macros by having a couple of low carb days on the days I don’t train with weights. The other thing that’s helping is that I didn’t actually put on too much sludge after my May/June contest season.

I am also hoping that the extra and recovery with cardio only once per day will result in a more vibrant look to my physique with fuller than normal muscle bellies…time will tell I guess!!

CW’s Rant #3!…

I thought I would share the ‘rant’ below with you that I posted on my Facebook page a few weeks ago regarding guys in the gym using their mobile phones. As you all know I usually like to keep things positive, but this was worthy of a whine!

“I was at my gym tonight and was keen to kick off my quad workout with some Smith Machine Squats. The young gentleman with the usual sleeve of tattoos, earphones in his ear-holes connected to iPod and mobile phone was using this apparatus and told me he had only 3 sets to go.

So naturally I thought that would take only about 5 or 6 minutes…I thought wrong…very wrong!!

Not sure of this character’s name, so let’s just call him ‘Cecil’.

Cecil banged out a set of flat bench presses on the Smith Machine and then took off to the power chest press for a very dubious and unnecessary ‘superset’.

After finishing that he then changed the music on his iPod, which is obviously critical to enhance performance, pulled out his mobile phone and proceeded to punch out a text to someone who clearly couldn’t wait for Cecil’s life or death response.

He then sat for another couple of minutes, punched out another text and finally began his second set on the Smith Machine that I was now waiting somewhat impatiently for.

Cecil having finished this set then, as anxiously as a chain smoker, reached for his mobile to check potential messages and again began banging out another text message! His complete lack of self awareness, even though he knew I was stood there waiting, was a perfect example of pure narcissism at it’s ugliest.

Cecil continued sitting on the bench now doing absolutely nothing except fake puffing and panting that deserved multiple Academy Award nominations. I couldn’t help myself, I had to ask this hardcore gent how long he was going to be…his terse reply was “Gee sorry mate I didn’t know you were in such a rush, just give me 5 more minutes alright!”

Holy hopeless Batman…5 minutes for one more mindless superset of chest press, music change, text message, FB update, power press, twitter post, snapchat upload, Instagram selfie, blah, blah, blah!!! (Ok ok I may have embellished that a tad!).

Cecil finally finished this marathon muck around and then spent the next hour or so scratching around with more chest supersets and social media updates. This bloke was making CW feel tired just looking at his anxious and addictive personality.

In closing, all I would ask of these clenched young gentlemen is to simply…LEAVE YOUR GOD DAMNED PHONE IN YOUR GYM BAG…you’re not that important!!!”

To make matters worse, not long after this, I witnessed more mobile mania to drive me mad…so I couldn’t help myself with this…

“Rant #3(b):

Well here I am again with another observation of the clenched, technologicallyaddicted gym patrons at the place where CW works out.

‘Cecil’ was at it again on the Smith Machine with his rest between sets again comprising of Twitter & Facebook updates, music shuffles, text messages, emails, etc, etc!!

Another young gentlemen had his partner standing around waiting on several occasions for him to do his set while he punched out some ‘urgent’ messages to a mate.

A third gent threw his mobile on the floor right next where I was doing some heavy dumbbell work…CW’s care factor if it accidentally smashed = zero!

My statistical analysis of the stratified sample of guys between 17 and 24 years of age that I observed was threefold:

5 out of every 7 of these chaps are absolutely ruled by their mobile phone which is obviously an essential part of their workout ‘equipment’.

6 out of 7 are so wired with deafening music from their iPod that if a natural disaster were to occur they may not even realise until the roof caved in on their mugs!!

7 out of 7 couldn’t give a flying f&@k about their immediate surroundings. So if you needed a spot on your heavy set or dropped a bar on your larynx you would have buckleys and sweet FA chance of getting any semblance of assistance!

Ok ok ok so I may be getting old and the generation gap may be getting bigger but I reckon unless you are an obstetrician or GP on call or Kevin Rudd banging out Instagram selfies to help sway the voting public then…JUST LEAVE THAT FREAKIN PHONE IN YOUR GYM BAG!!!

Phew!…rant over…CW needed that!”

Get organised!

I hate making up my supa shakes on a daily basis so once every 7 or 8 days I just pull out all my supps and shaker bottles and crank out 14 in one go!

Doesn’t actually take me that long and then it’s done for at least a week or so!

Like I tell my clients…you’ve gotta to be organized if you wanna be a bodybuilder!!

Low carb dinner suggestion

I have always found that carbs during the day with fats at night serves me well with my daily nutrition.

I also really like all-day breakfasts, so this final meal of the day was a real treat.

150g of shortcut bacon with all fat trimmed off, 2 jumbo Baldivis free range eggs, 1 pan fried tomato, mushrooms sautéed in extra virgin olive oil and a puréed half-cauliflower.

Very low carb, high protein, moderate fat and tasted great.

Like I keep saying…”Who says pre-contest dieting needs to be bland or boring!??”

A changing of the guard, so to speak

I put this up on my WA Bodybuilding page a few weeks ago too and thought I would see what some of my ANB friends think about what I call ‘CW’s Quandary of the Week!’:

“As most of you would know I am very passionate about the sport of bodybuilding and really find it fascinating as to how the human body can become so beautifully transformed and developed.

Physiques have certainly evolved over the last 4 or 5 decades from the aesthetics of Reg Park and Steve Reeves to the ‘mass with class’ of Frank Zane and Lee Labrada to the ruggedness of Boyer Coe and Mike Mentzer to the bigger frames of Arnold Schwartzenegger and Lee Haney to the granite-like massive freakiness of Dorian Yates to the superhuman cartoon-like character of Big Ron Coleman to the dime a dozen mass monsters that grace the stage today.

I have always enjoyed what all the different eras have created but have also noticed that bodybuilding now in 2013 is somewhat polarized with either the mass monster style body complete with distended belly or the emaciated natural athlete that is making bodybuilding look more like a dieting contest.

The 1950’s to the 1980’s seemed to cover a spectrum of physiques that were somewhere in between the two extremes we see today.

My quandary for this week is two fold:

(A) “Is bodybuilding today losing it’s way or is it continuing to evolve and produce better looking physiques??

(B) What was your favorite era and why???”

Was flicking through the latest edition of Natural Bodz magazine today and noticed this pic of myself, Jack and Jason from the June ANB Asia Pacific International in the Gold Coast.

T’was a pleasure doing business Gentlemen!

Exercise of the Month

I have mentioned before about the importance of training forearms direct.

One great exercise that does this is the barbell reverse curl. This movement stimulates not only the top of your forearms but also targets the brachialis muscle which sits on the side of your upper arm in between the bicep and tricep muscle. When fully developed this muscle really does increase the size and thickness of your arms.

Grab a barbell with a grip slightly narrower than shoulder width and with both your palms and thumbs on top of the bar.

Make sure you try and lift the bar by really focusing on the target muscles and giving the negative part of the movement due respect also.

By strengthening and developing the brachialis and forearm flexors this will in turn assist your back workouts with a more powerful grip.

Colin is looking good!

I recently did some posing practice with my friend and client Colin Campbell.

Colin is currently 2 weeks out from his first show for this competitive season.

He is unbelievably 61 years of age and will be kicking some serious backside in his Ultra Grandmasters division.

It has been a pleasure working with such a dedicated and motivated client that crosses all the T’s and dots all the I’s.

I always find this great attitude very motivating even for myself, if my clients can make awesome gains, I figure I can still make progress too.

Just goes to show that age is merely nothing but a number!!

CW’s progress update

Ok so now with just 6 weeks till my next show I thought I would take a few white as a ghost backyard shots on a lazy Sunday afternoon after some posing practice I did with one of clients who is also competing for the first time at the ANBWA state titles in the Novice Men’s division.

I find that taking the photos really helps you improve your posing as you then find yourself picking them to pieces in looking for a way to tweak and improve them.

For now I guess it’s back to Groundhog Day, but all is good when you have such a compelling and exciting goal as a physique contest…wearing a pair of tiny trunks, with bright spotlights shining on you from only metres away and around a thousand or so people critiquing your every move!!

I always say that I am at my best both physically and mentally when in pre-contest mode, it really is a fulfilling lifestyle in so many ways!

Until next time we cross paths in cyberspace I wish you all the very best with your own personal health & fitness lifestyle. Set some goals, create some passion and purpose, improve the way you both look and feel and reap the rewards.

Kind regards and best wishes, CW :-)))