Hi again everyone,

Well here we are at the end of October and another contest season for CW is done and dusted. This year has truly flown by and has been so busy incredibly too. The great thing I guess about being busy all the time is that you always have lots to reflect on and I feel that is an important part of maintaining that sense of purpose in your life which is one of the 3 essential ingredients in being a happy and well-rounded person. The other two key elements are of course passion and love, which I have alluded to before in previous blogs.

If I were to list the highlights of this year I would imagine these things should crack a mention:

1. The fourth year of our relationship with my wonderful and supportive fine fiancée Luscious Louise which has been such a great association with so many wonderful times we have been able to share together.

2. A grueling but successful year in overseeing my Year 12 cohort as their Year Coordinator at the school where I teach. My students have blossomed during 2013 and can be very proud of their achievements and being awarded Secondary Graduation from one of the best schools in the south west of WA.

3. My daughter got engaged to a great guy and will be marrying him on March 15 next year. The relationship with my daughter Lauren has become very strong and I have been very proud of the way she has developed into womanhood.

4. My wonderful friends have been so good to spend time with and it is nice to know that you can look forward to sharing occasions with great people and enjoy their company without even trying.

5. My training this year has been fantastic with my new split routine in the gym working very well, resulting in some small improvements to my physique. It is very hard, at 48 years young, to continue making gains but I am determined, as always, to try and keep doing so.
My split routine looks something like this:
Day 1: Quadriceps & Calves (Gastrocnemius)
Day 2: Chest
Day 3. Rest
Day 4. Biceps & Forearms
Day 5. Hamstrings & Calves (Soleus)
Day 6. Rest
Day 7. Rest
Day 8. Deltoids & Triceps
Day 9. Back, Trapezius and Rear Delts
This regime is performed with my own version of HIT style training and allows for maximum recovery and growth all whilst minimising injury risks. I was going to do this for just a short period, but I have enjoyed the benefits so much that I have kept it going.

6. The May/June and September/October contests for 2013 have again been tremendous experiences with 5 first place finishes and 1 second. Accompanying these competitions has been been the meeting and making of new friends as well as the trialling of new ideas to try and improve the way I present onstage.
I also have now competed in 59 contests since the age of 29 way back in 1994.

Documenting positive affirmations is always a great thing to do and blogging with my ANB family is one way that I can do this myself. I would highly recommend to all of you that writing down the pleasing aspects of your life is very therapeutic, inspiring and motivating.
We sometimes, as human beings, tend to focus too much on the negative things that are more often than not out of our control and from the past or potential future. Learn to be more complimentary towards yourself, confident in your abilities and optimistic about the road ahead. The side effects from doing this will be increased happiness and more drive to achieve and succeed.

The ANB WA Fitness Mania

Back on the 29th of September our awesome ANB Federation brought a bodybuilding and fitness contest to WA. ANB marvels and promoters Maria McCarter and David Salamon worked very hard over several months to bring this great show to my home state. They brought with them Terri Stone, Aaron Braithwaite as well as several others and banged out a fanastic show where all in attendance really enjoyed themselves. The event ran super smoothly with great prizes and an overall atmosphere of entertainment and fun.
Maria and David managed to procure some of our state’s most knowledgeable and experienced judges along with one of the best MC’s our state has to offer in Cliff Reeve.
The show was a resounding success and a great way to get the ANB back in Western Australia.

My daughter the trophy girl!

David & Maria had both kindly allowed my 20 year old daughter, Lauren Winter, to present the trophies at the ANB WA Fitness Mania.
She really enjoyed the challenge and was able to use her modelling skills that she learnt from all those modelling classes she attended as a young girl. I was very proud of the way she did the job and even more so when she presented my first place trophy to me during the Masters Division presentations.
Lauren is a keen gym-goer herself as she likes to keep fit and in great shape. She said she is looking forward to being more involved in future ANB shows and that obviously makes her Dad very chuffed indeed.

CW’s Quandary of the Week!

As some of you may or may not remember I put up a regular ‘quandary’ on the Facebook page “West Austrailan Bodybuilding” where I am one of the administrators.In the last few weeks we have ‘quandered’ about salt intake and water consumption, which is very timely given the September/October contest season is well and truly up and running.

This week I thought we could thrash out the optimal way to present yourself in the final flourish so as not to be completely washed out by those bright stage lights. Many shows I have either watched or competed in have lights which are almost sitting on the competitor’s shoulders, so if you’re not dark enough then this can impact hugely on the final look. Presenting white as a ghost really can reduce your chances of revealing all that hard earned muscular definition you have worked so hard for in the weeks and months leading up.

The tanning process is very important but sometimes you do have to be careful in not overdoing it or overcomplicating the whole process.

For CW he has found that 2 coats back to back of the Original Contest Colour formula, using a hair dryer after each application, is enough to make you go very dark, albeit a tad streaky. I do this on the morning of the show and then put my clothes on WITHOUT showering it all off.
My final step is critical and that is the final coat which needs to be applied approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour before stage time.
I have used Dream Tan for many years but in the last 12 months have switched to SunTANon’s Supertan final coat which isn’t as oily and tends not to blur your physique as much as Dream Tan. It is also much easier to apply.
Once the final coat has been applied and it starts to dry you then pat down the body for a nice even look. At all times when applying this product make sure you use bare hands as plastic gloves actually pull the tan off.

All this of course begs a quandary for our very knowledgeable health & fitness community…

“What is YOUR chosen method of tanning for a physique contest and what products do you prefer to use??

CW’s BONUS TIP: Once the show is over, to avoid a 2 hour shower using scourers, simply rub a generous amount of Baby Oil all over your body and then, using paper towel or an old towel, wipe off all that messy ‘vegemite’.
It comes off like a breeze…trust me!! 😉

The celebration meal at Vue De Monde!

Just recently had a fantastic fourteen course degustation at the best French Restaurant in Australia, Vue De Monde in the Rialto Tower Melbourne City.

Some may say the price per head is high but you could pay more to go to a rock concert where you see your chosen artist for barely a couple of hours.

Luscious Louise and I were entertained for over 4 hours with different chefs bringing out, preparing and describing in detail each course.

Each amazing dish we sampled was an explosion of flavours with that real wow and oh yeah factor with every single mouthful.

How many times can you go out for the evening and engage all 5 senses combined with the suspense and entertainment associated with not knowing what gourmet delight is next on the agenda??

Fine dining has definitely become a hobby for LL & CW, it is an experience that you all need to try every once in a while…you won’t be disappointed!!

Exercise of the month

This month I would like to focus on an exercise and technique that is a great way to finish off your quads after performing the heavier compound exercises…one legged leg extensions with peak contractions and occlusion. These are performed on a leg extension machine one leg at a time with the top of your thigh wrapped up with something like your knee wraps so as to direct the blood flow and circulation into the quadriceps to help maximize the pump (Occlusion is the act of restricting blood flow to one area so as to direct it to another).
You then unilaterally perform the set with each rep very controlled and most importantly with a peak contraction for a slow count of 2 seconds at the top of the movement.
Do this for 2 or 3 sets of 8-15 reps and leave your ego behind with the amount of weight you use. Just focus on excellent form, mind to muscle connection and squeezing blood into your quads.
You won’t believe how effective this is and the pump you end up with is incredible!

Craig Bodychisel and his beefed up logo!

I have been upgrading my cards and flyers, as you can see below, but would really like to transform the gentleman’s torso in the hexagonal frame from something very offseason looking to a more chiselled, muscular and contest-ready character.
The famous Japanese cartoon characters in Dragonball Z spring to mind as the kind of look I want to create.
If anyone out there is clever at graphic design and would like to help me out then that would be very much appreciated and CW would happily renumerate you for your troubles.
Just flick me a private message on my Facebook page via ‘Craig Bodychisel’.

Looking forward to the offseason

Now that the contest season is over for 2013 I will now enjoy the post contest rebound growth spurt and the subsequent offseason over the next few months. I will slowly add approximately 5-7kg to my frame and go to work hard in the gym on the areas I feel I need to improve.
The highlight this year competitively was without doubt the “CW WA State Masters Slam” where I placed first in the Masters Mr WA in each of the 4 federations during 2013. Below are 4 pics from each of the these contests.

So until Blog #28 hits the ANB News-stand I wish all of my readers all the very best with their health & fitness lifestyle and hope that your own off-seasons result in some fabulous gains.

Kind regards & best wishes, CW :-))