Hi again everyone,

I hope my waffle in Blog #2 had something in it for you that was of interest. It is something that I enjoy doing in trying to share my journey of what the sport of bodybuilding can offer you in terms personal development, lifestyle and just plain good fun.

One of the greatest motivating aspects in this sport has been the ability for me to be able to create goals. These goals have been many and varied and include time spans ranging from short to medium to long term. Goal setting is such an important part of our life that people don’t even realize they are doing even on a daily basis. We always like to have something to look forward to, be it a family holiday, hosting a New Year’s Eve Party, a gala occasion or anything that requires some planning and preparation. Goal setting helps give us direction in our lives.

I have always found that with bodybuilding you can create a short term goal to clean up your diet and shed a few kilograms so as to feel a bit better about yourself. Or perhaps adjust your regime so as to add some muscle mass to your physique with the aim of maybe competing one day. Ultimately the process of planning to do a physique competition requires setting medium and long term goals that might initially be a regional title or state title. If that goes well then the grand longer term plan might be a National Title the next year or even an international event in 2 years time.

Goal setting for me has been in my life since I was a young boy playing other sports like cricket and golf and then later on in my career as a Mathematics Teacher and Year Coordinator in the schools where I have worked at.

They say that the 3 three essential ingredients for happiness are purpose, passion and love. For me this has always rung true. I am lucky enough to have the love of my awesome family and friends, my Beagle Mr Brown, and my fantastic fiancée Louise. My job gives me a sense of purpose to assist young people as they transition to adult life. Consulting with my clients to help them become better versions of themselves both physically and mentally gives me purpose. And bodybuilding is my passion that has enabled me to also incorporate a sense of purpose with goal setting. 

I spoke last time of how I separate my quadriceps from my hamstrings on different workout days. This has really helped me develop my hamstrings so that in the side chest and side tricep compulsory poses the lower body can then have something for the judges to look at as well as the muscles of the upper torso. Many years ago I was quite weak in that area and then read an article in a magazine that talked about spreading the body-parts out training them only once per week, spending less time in the gym and generally the need to avoid overtraining, particularly if you are natural.

On Monday I will do quads with leg extensions, deep squats or leg press, Smith machine or walking dumbbell lunges and calf machine toe presses. On Thursday I will then do heavy stiff-legged dead-lifts, standing hamstring curls on the Hammer machine or seated leg curls and seated calf raises. The dead-lifts are essential as they not only work the hamstrings and glutes but also the muscles of the entire back. It is a gruelling exercise like full squatting that hits the Central Nervous System which can then in turn give you that growth hormone release later on, providing your rest, recovery and nutrition are in place. 

One of the rewarding aspects of doing a bodybuilding contest is the post contest celebrations afterwards. I remember just recently back in June once the ANB Asia Pacific had finished Louise and I were keen for something tasty and fulfilling. It was after 11:30pm and not much was going in Cavill Avenue in Surfers besides good old Hungry Jacks! So the meal I loved as a child was what I ordered when we got there…A whopper with double beef and cheese, large fries and a vanilla thick shake!! It was just what I felt like and went down a treat. And as usual I woke up the next day looking just as lean, dry and vascular as ever! That is another fascinating part of our prep is just how good you can look after the post contest fun feed!! 

I am now 10 weeks from contest #50 and will be spending some time in Melbourne with Louise during the July school holidays. I will start doing some more twice a day cardio but will leave my nutrient macros alone. I always prefer to eat more and do higher cardio, remember if we can fire up the BMR then we can burn fat while we are asleep…a win win situation. I also find my strength levels are better with more food on board. After all you are what you eat! I will be working out at Doherty’s in Brunswick and at the Vaults in the City. A great hardcore atmosphere at this Gym, so if you live nearby and train there please say gooday, join in, give me a spot or all of the above! 

Until next time stay focused, be consistent and reap the rewards of the bodybuilding lifestyle.

All the best, Craig W.