DAY 1 Asia Pacific Weekend – Media Day

Yesterday woke up in Adelaide, today in my massive king size bed fit for a bulker in Surfers Paradise. Gee, hard life hey!

Today is the Natural Bodz Magazine Photo shoot with Steve Jones and Robert Bell. It’s also registration day. All this happens in the same venue. Most athletes stay at this venue f from interstate, others are at friends, other apartments or even backpackers.

So 6am I’m up and 8am I’m at the photo shoot for quick makeup and my 10 minute slot. Hanging about for the shoot to get underway, it’s fairly quite in the AM with male and female fitness models, also some figure ladies. Everyone is really interested in where people are from, how they are feeling and really just talking about the excitement of the weekend and what it took to get them here.

Those that were waiting were let in at 830am then the action started happening. I have arrived with my bikini on (smart) so you just have to put heels on and you are ready, then quick change into sportswear and you’re done really. Five to ten minute shoot, Steve shot me and is always very helpful if you have any questions. He is a mad man probably shooting over 100 -150 models this day, but does an amazing job promoting eacch one of use in his magazine and through the show (

What did pack for the shoot: Second outfit (preferred sportswear), heels, camera, comp/business cards, water, meals, and phone

Wearing: Fresh face as there s a makeup artist, hair and tan should be done before getting there, loose comfy clothes.

Now as a single female you are probably think I’m in absolute heaven around all these male bodybuilders and fitness models. So funny that I actually look them in the eye like everyone else I met as I know that they have worked hard to get their physiques looking how they do, they all have their stores and are here for their own reasons.  Respect each competitor, they are judged enough as it is and this weekend s about showcasing what they love to do.

We were also able watch some of last year’s comp while waiting, such a great thing to start to get pumped for Monday. Guess as I was here for 2011, the memories came back as it was such a positive experience and cannot wait.

Obi Obadike was there and started to do some interviews and called me over after my shoot. I was stoked to get an interview, knowing her was doing them all day but to be one of the first before the day got crazy and repetitive was awesome! He also was nice enough to get a picture with me again and I will be heading off to see him in his 2012 Australian Fitness Model Superstar Workshop.

After the shoot and interview,  had a call from my coach Amelia, owner of Living Beauty ( , then I went food shopping and just enjoyed the day on the GC, bumping into people like Melissa Le Man, Sonny Brown (lean freaks), Amber Walker, Sarah Davies, Angie Moore and even miss Jay Jay Mitchell. All gorgeous women!

At 4pm I met the rest of the guys from South Australia down in the lobby and it was a want game of registration, people eating, something happening here and there, also a team photo shoot was organised in our ANB South Australian Jumpers, provided by Muscle Nutrition. The beautiful Monika (Oxygen Cover Model and owns MuscleNutrition with her husband ‘ripped’ Matt Coorey) dropped them all off! Love them, they look really great and we can easily spot others in our team in our matching hoodies.

After rego – which involves registering as a member with the ANB ($150 membership for Jan-Dec), then registering for the division you are in (separate fees), handing over music and that get burnt straight away, you get your number, then you are able to buy tickets and collect your competitors bag. Most of the registration and membership can be done online before the event and you just line up like most did and sign the form at the end and collect the number and bag. No cash needed on the day…. too easy!  Other things you can pay for here are the DVD costs – cheaper then if you buy it later, and photos taken on stage. If they know your number they are likely to take more

Now what’s in this competitor bag (always love a good goodie bag)

  • Naturally Better Sugar free Gum (even no aspartame 951)
  • 2012 Natural Bodz Sports model Calender (HOT!)
  • Natural Bodz Magazine back issue
  • Natural Bodz Hat
  • Natural Bodz t-shirt (in chosen size)
  • ON Samples
  • WPI Bulk Nutrients sample
  • ASN $10 Voucher
  • Promotional material from sponsors of this event – everyone get on the coconut water (jt’s coconut essence) would have loved a sample of that baby!

I’m now heading off to this seminar 815pm to 1115pm. So happy with today and how it all went. Wishing the Bodybuilders and Figure Competitors and goods nights rest for tomorrows show. I still have two sleeps!!

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