DAY 2 – SERIOUS FITNESS MODEL CHILL TIME (aka enjoying the holiday)

Day 1 was pretty full on with all the activities and late last night I attended a Fitness Model Workshop run by Obi Obadike ( Being one of two females that turned up (represent ladies), also saw that three of the South Australian Team made the commitment to listen to Obi and really ask him anything and everything.  You cannot take away the fact that Obi has done and is doing some amazing things in the industry that I am a part of. Even though you may not want to be on covers of magazine, you may not want to do the same things he is doing, doesn’t take the fact that he has the same passion for fitness, is a model (but more than just that if you look at what he is actually achieved and achieving), but we are at a Fitness Model Championship and competing in one. Why wouldn’t I take the opportunity to hear some tips from one of the best. No about diet and training, but about all the stuff we may want to think about in the background.  Honestly I came out with 5-6 pages of notes, and will never forget some of the information he passed on that I never thought of before.

I will continue to attend workshops, educate myself, learn from others, while I am loving my hobby. It keeps me wanting more, to push the boundaries, to be able to connect with a whole lot more people or less people depending on what I want to do, and in turn do it more effectively.

So Day 2 for me I didn’t attend the show like I did last year. I did still go to Robina, which is the competition is (about 20-25 mins by car/bus) and head into the shopping centre. I’m a chick, I like to look at the same shops I have at home to see what they have different to us. Not crazy, it’s normal female behaviour.

I attempted to get the bus back to Surfers, however as its Sunday they weren’t really coming as often, it was raining so I cabbed it. The cab driver had just dropped off a young bodybuilder from Melbourne who is a PT, he didn’t grab his name unfortunately. The cabby was such a nice guy and loved to go on a bender occasionally, but look after himself generally.  We spoke about the competition this weekend a little bit more and he was so inspired he said that he was stopping the metre as I brightened his day and also his last customer. That really nice of him. I still covered most the fare and went to chill in my hotel room.

Day before comp, I did all what I normally do, I’ve eaten, contacted my coach, contacted my family. I’ve prepped tomorrows food and post comp food (fresh fruit and vegetables and my favourite coconut water). Yes I’m a ‘freak’, but really this food makes me feel good and shouldn’t be criticized. I think I have done enough comps to know what I like post a massive weekend – rest, good food, some great company.

I’ve also packed my comp bag and photo shoot attire so I’m ready to leave at 7am to get to my appointment at the venue. I’ve checked with the hotel to get travel to the venue and organised to get from the venue to the shoot with another competitor, and then the photographer has kindly offered to take us back to our apartment (Southport to Surfers). SO GOOD! If I see anyone going to Robina at 7am, watch out, we are sharing!!

How am I feeling: Calm, excited, want it to hurry up, want it to be a few weeks away at the same time, surreal that a goal I’ve been focused on is tomorrow, that I will step on stage in a bikini in Winter, and not only one bikini but a few…. So  I am pretty chilled before comp, I sleep well, I make sure my tan is awesome, I’m organised, I set my alarm, wake up and let the fun begin.

The night of comp is normally where I can not sleep until like 3am, so we will see if the adrenaline wears off this time because I’m not having any crazy sugar or additives that my body hasn’t had in a while. I want to be fell fresh on Tuesday, not like I’ve been high fived, in the face, with a chair. No problem with doing what you enjoy and keep that life balance, doing what works for YOU is best. I’ve had people message me saying they are having burgers, pizza and all this stuff, others are going on walks, some people may do some other ritual their coach told them or that they do. But we all respect each other as we know it’s more than this. The hard work everyday and the commitment to a goal is what will show in that moment.

Bit proud to say the least to the team of male fitness models from South Australia that had an amazing shoot with the one and only Dallas Olsen today (pics look awesome!)

Also to the Figure and Bodybuilding night show is underway right now. No doubt the results will start coming through, but each competitor needs to be proud of themselves for stepping on that stage. I hope more of them share their journey as really we can all learn from each other and we can support each other to be our own best. Also live life in a way that make us not only feel good, but can inspire others to see their potential.

Thank you following so far and I will continue to update or write tips all through to my prep for the ANB South Australian show on September 15 (97 odd sleeps to go!). Happy for comments, feedback (positive or constructive), what you would like more or less of, please leave them here or email me at

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