Sometimes being a woman sucks. I am sure my hormones are to blame. Like last month, I feel the pain and bloating of my period three days before it starts. Oh and let’s not forget the tiredness. Last month I had the air-conditioning on at home full blast whilst working on the computer, my nose was running it was that cold and I still could have fallen asleep at the drop of a hat.

Sleep deprived, PMS, not having eaten enough today, sad and having no energy – I really did not want to train and this would be my final week one session, but knew it would be the best thing for me. Yes, I did drag my sorry ass to my home gym in the garage and put on my headphones and cranked up the song ‘Titanium’ really loud and started walking on the treadmill.

After a while, my body felt more energised and I pumped up the elevation and speed and kept going. I wanted to make 35 minutes. The more I walked, the more emotional I became and thinking of my Baby and missing him…it made me cry. So there I am, sweat mixing with my tears, but I kept going. At one time I would have supressed my emotions, trying to keep up that tough exterior, but I had no-one around to be tough for and so I let it all out.

Dripping with sweat after 35 minutes, I continued on and completed my weights program also.

I DID IT! The best work out of my first week doing my new Musashi SLM Powershaping Program, on a day where it all could have gone downhill. A little win for me.

The Musashi SLM website is a packed with information on training, nutrition and expert advice from Lindy Olsen where she answers frequently asked questions on training and nutrition and more. There are four different programs to choose from to suit any level of fitness. And… it’s all FREE!

Great site Musashi SLM and Lindy Olsen, thanks for sharing!