No doubt at some stage or another you have heard one or more of these:

‘He’s always at the gym’ (or she)

‘Ew, muscles!’

‘I don’t want to get bulky’

‘Bodybuilders are all meatheads’

‘Crossfit is for ____’

‘Is that another protein shake??’

‘Do you even lift?’

Random comments everyday with opinions flying back and forth. They really do not serve any purpose but to bring a negative energy to what is actually quite a positive lifestyle choice – TO BE FIT (and even look good in your eyes).

People have said I’m always at the gym, when I may on go for 30mins to a max of 1hr of any day. How about the 8hrs I’m at work, the 8hrs I’m sleeping or the 2hrs I travel each day. I think the time I spend in spandex is quite small compared to the others things on my ‘must do’ list. Something to think about.

When setting your own personally goals you will always have questions thrown at you that will challenge the choice you make. You will have people that have know you for years not support you and you will even have strangers who feel the need to throw in their own two cents.

What will make you succeed at your goals is to NEVER listen to the opinions other than that of a trusted few. These few people KNOW you. Years from now you will look back and be happy you went after something and feel like you have accomplished something then to have that ‘should have’ feeling and be defeated before you even start. I’m lucky to have some amazing people close to me that even if we do not have the same goals, we respect each other.

This all comes from just returned home from an event held in the town of Mildura, Victoria.

It was not a ‘Bodybuilding’ event but a CROSSFIT event and was successfully organised by two guys – Lee and James. They brought people together from all over Australia, exceeding their expectations in turn out and actually raised a heap of money for some community charities at this extremely well run event.



The  were so many amazing FIT physiques there and I should’ve packed some dream tan and held a mini show (ha! wouldnothappen….)

The community that is Crossfit is something I have not come across and really would love to bring this sprit into all forms of training that people do just for that comradely and brother/sisterhood feel. Not everyone had a goal to win – some where there because they just loved training, some were part of a team, others just can because they wanted to smash personal goals. Also the crowd cheer for the person who wins, but the cheers actually get louder for those who need a little something to get over the line.

This is what the ANB is about and if you attend a workshop and go to a show you will feel the support everyone has for another. Everyone has trained their best and brings what they can on the day. A plastic trophy should not come between what could potentially be a great experience for all.

So at the end of the day, whatever you choose to do -we all want to give each day our best! We are all real people with real lives. There should not be an US or THEM , it’s just whatever prefer to do. There are bigger issues to deal with then to discuss in a negitive tone if someone can squat more than you or has carbs at night. Someone who likes to do weight splits, or someone that like to throw in some WOD’s every now and again.

Life is so much better with friendships. And success is so much sweeter if you can share it.

ps: girls please what this is you need a liitle motivation to go lift! If you aren’t supported there will be places that support you. Know this! (


Next weekend I’m running a workshop with Amelia and Living Beauty and supporting people to reach their goals via Living Beauty ( The first one was so great to get the feedback from and we had the demand to run a second one so that was exciting. (email me for details

I’m also starting to get keen about heading to Queensland to see everyone for the ANB Asia Pacific! My division of Open or Fitness Model is growing popularity around the world by the second (YES!). Such a great thing that people love training enough to head up there!  Great event and if you are interested in a show near you head to the Home page of the ANB website for all the events coming up from workshops to shows (

I was starting to think with all the changes I’ve had and holiday time I’ve taken  I may not get there – but you know what – if there is a will there is a way and I will be there because I love it so much. Bikinis need to be worn in Winter – just the way it is!

My training involves – ONE: walking or running my puppy. TWO: Yoga because I love it (2-3 times a week) THREE: Weights weights weights– I really want to improve my fitness and physique at the same time so will see how I go with maintaining doing the main groups of muscles, with some crazy stuff thrown in to spice life up. This is how I’ve always trained, this is what I love, so I will do this because it seems to work for me (

I also have set up my City to Bay page for the Starlight Foundations – this year I am dead set going to break 55 minutes. In 2012 I did raise money but did not run well. Lets call it a fast-ish walk! I am fired up to reach that goal. ( Starlight is an amazing charity and my link will take you to all the details.

Hope you liked my update.

End of the day the message is simple:


Have an amazing week and feel free to email me at

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