Competition Journey 2012

They say first impressions last. They take a second to make and a lifetime to unravel.

This is my first impression to introduce myself. For you to either connect or disconnect. I can not use my big smile, my inner confidence, or my dress to impress you, I just have my words and a honesty behind what I write.

You are reading this because you maybe know me, you may just love fitness or you stubbled across this when goggling ‘tanned up bikini ninjas’. However you got here, I will use this opportunity to introduce myself in my first entry and only scratch the surface of what I may bring.

My name is Gemma Dawson, I am 26 (mentally 12) years young, from South Australia. I am a middle child of 3, a older brother who resides in Sydney and a younger sister still with me in Adelaide. I got a job straight out of school and have worked in the same industry full time since 2004. Aside from work, I bought a unit near the beach after saving at the end of 2007/start 2008 and in late 2009 I found a passion and set a goal to weight train to get my best body ever.

Connecting with Amelia from Living Beauty ( ) after watching a local comp, I started a training program with her in June 2010 and competed in my first comp 12 weeks later with 7 beautiful girls and this office girl took out first place. Since this comp, I have continued to set goals and achieve them – now with the goal of getting on stage at the ANB Asia Pacific Fitness Model in June and also follow through to the end of the year. I think that how will I get others to achieve what that want to do physically, mentally, socially, if I can not do it myself. I am proving to myself that I can each and everyday I wake up, listen and learn what is best for me.

The hobby of competing in bikini, fitness, sportsmodel still has the stigma that ‘these girls don’t train’ – knowing the girls and the amount of passion, inspiration and dedication that each and everyone of them put in, this is far from the truth. I feel it is an achievable goal, if you have the right mindset and coaching. Sticking to something like this is teaching a skills for life about getting in nutrients, training to support a lean functional body, being socially happy and have a support base of a wide range of people. Once this base is obtained, they can add in extra or head on a different path, but the basic foundation is obtained.

So with that said, I am living a lifestyle I personally love, that I feel I can give alot back to others and that allows me to met so many people that I wouldn’t ordinarily get to met. This passion for what I do will show through my posts that I will share with you all, so feel free to share your opinions with me, provide feedback or get in contact. we all have something to give.