Amelia and I held our second workshop together on Sunday 3rd February in Adelaide – our next one will be November 2013 and if you are interested, please contact me at

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Amelia and I have trained together to start the week off and can tell you Living Beauty mindset and method is really tailored to YOU! We really keep it simple and work hard and smart. Our clients testimonials are listed on the website and they are all their words. So lovely to see people progress and come away with life skills to get and stay lean for life!

On the competition side- I HAVE REGISTERED FOR JUNE ANB ASIA PAC 2013!!! Gold Coast baby! Nice little holiday June weekend and can not wait to see everyone.

TRAINING MOVE IM IN LOVE WITH ATM РDEADLIFTS. Get a trainer to show you how to do them. I use an Olympic bar and dependent on reps, is what weight I use. 20kg plates on either side just to get a good height for my lifts and then add weight from there. I also do some glute squeezes off a bosu ball or bench, walking weighted lunges with bar across back and also , and thrusters as a circuit. Deadlifts have seriously shaped my legs for the better over the years and each year I am getting better with my mobility, technique and strength.

LIFT. LAUGH. LOVE. Have an amazing week and feel free to email me at



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