Someone is going after what you want in life while you’re ‘too busy’ reading this!

Powerful hey??

When it comes to health, wellness and keeping fit enough to do daily activities most of us KNOW what to do. We know there are no secrets even though we may ask. We know that it takes effort to get moving when physically or emotionally we may not want to. We know our excuses won’t help us get the results we are after. So how is it that some people are able to follow through with their goals what may seem so easily and others keep starting over again?

What I find is a skill that must be possessed and continually worked on is PRIORITISATION and TIME MANAGEMENT. Starting any goal or a new endeavour these two things may not come naturally. They are habits that some of us have and others, not so much. Working smarter is the best to be able to reach those goals and ambitions in life you have. You don’t want to be wasting that thing we call time if you are already saying you are ‘time poor’.

Try to think as a goal as development rather than wanting MORE than what we already have. What I mean by that is that if you keep searching for more than what you have you may never be happy, no matter far you go or what you may achieve. This is because MORE is always being sought to fulfil that need for bigger and better.

Whereas if you choose to DEVELOP, then you need to look deep within first, tap into what your strengths and weakness’ are, what you already have and what you still need. Really think about the reasons why you want to do something , how it will make you feel when you get there, what strengths do you have to get you there, how can you improve on your weakness’ in the process therefore developing yourself as a person. Asking these things first, then you are more likely to feel fulfilled when you reach your goal?

Now when I think about the people around me, we are all BUSY! But we also make time for people, ourselves and our loves.

I admit I do not have a family that I need to look after, no animals, no partner leaving my toilet seat up, no child waking me up in the middle of the night because of a bad dream, but there are people in this world with all these things achieving their goals. There are successful business people, running side businesses, keeping a marriage, looking after 3 kids and kicking but personally making stuff happen.

Personally I keep myself busy, but I still like I have so much time on my hands. I often get asked why I feel this way and not overwhelmed. It really does come down to having good Time Management and knowing that things happen, are in or out of my control or not important on my journey.

So a run down on ME if you want to know (your still ready so I’m assuming you do):

WEEKDAYS: Get up at 5-530am, drive to the city (30mins), park and walk to gym (30mins), train at the gym (30mins -1hr), stretch because coach tells me too (15mins), get ready for work (15mins), WORK 830am – 5pm, walk to car (30mins), drive home in peak unless training (40-1hr), eat dinner, organise everything for the next day, clean, wash, rest and repeat. Always home by 8pm so I can start to wind down and get my rest in.

During the day I am dealing with so many different things in the office, from meetings to difficult call, but hey I love it. I also eat all my meals I’ve prepared as this is what’s easiest for me. Lunch dates get scheduled in to break up my day. I check and respond to my personal emails and messages after 5pm on the walk to car. This needs to be done for Living Beauty clients and promotional work that’s available.

Tuesdays/Wednesday petrol days – rule is buy it when it’s cheap and not when it’s empty (Koshie from Sunrise gave me that one)

Wednesdays nights is mid week fresh food shop for mostly my fresh veg or HUMP NIGHT dinners when they are on down the street at my second families.

Fridays I call my parents and see how they are (yep, suck up and they are normally happier after the weeks over)

One phone free day a fortnight at least. This means I still have my phone on my, but it’s in my bag all day, switched off. Sundays is best for this, or just during the week. It helps me switch off. Nothing is that urgent it can’t wait and most people that need to get in touch will find a way too.

WEEKENDS: Promotional work Fri, Sat, Sundays wherever I can, Online training with Living Beauty, seeing family, social workouts and catch ups, food shop and prep on Sunday.

Further the general stuff, I bought my unit in 2008 when I was 22 (now 26) and this is where my money goes. I NEED to have good time management for this and looking after my home, where I sleep and the reason I work so hard. Owing a home you would know it’s not just the mortgage, but the non negotiable council, water, gas, electricity rates, emergency services levy, strata in my case too, general repairs and upkeep, on top of the living expenses. Yes, I could get someone in, but I like it being my place so I work for it. Best Tip: I found using BPAY scheduled payments to pay all my bills in advance on payday, so the money is out with my mortgage before I can spend it. This save the whole ‘OMG I have a $150 bill due’, pay it and you are then hanging for payday. It’s a tip I got from someone at work and really is the best to get in front and not living week to week. Pay off any nasty debts first and stop getting into them. Let me know if you try it!

Now the above may seem very scheduled and really it’s what is working for me. But it’s not set in stone. Life happens, things come up, changes occur. Nothing is too bad that I can’t just pick up and keep moving on in a way that makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere. For example I may have to sleep in, so then I train at the gym after work. I may catch public transport into work instead of driving. I may have somewhere to go after work so I’ve packed for that because honestly going home then out is sometimes not practical. So let that all happen because if you have good time management and priority skills you know that it will be ok!

So some general tips that may help you…. PS these are not just for Bodybuilders:

1. Get a weekly chart drawn up and shade out non negotiable work, sleep and social time

2. When you book in appointments, write them down and put them all somewhere you always see (example; in your phone or on an actual calendar)

3. Before each week starts, look at what you have on so it’s fresh in your mind

4. Food preppin’: Make a big batch of proteins or meals up on a day you have the most time and freeze that good stuff you won’t get to in two-three day. Throw in the fridge to thaw before you need it

5. More food preppin: Have lots of good veggies and salad in your fridge. Make stock or soups if you don’t eat them all. Freeze that and use when you are having a CBF moment. Salads don’t freeze well, so please refrain from doing this.

6. Fitness4Life: Workout when it suits you best. Forget trying to think about ‘working out in the AM is best’ or ‘PM’ is best, if you can’t even fit it in to start off with. If you’re not a morning person and you are forcing yourself to train in the AM and always skipping it. You are not working smarter. What I’m saying is you won’t stick with it if it doesn’t work for you. Figure out YOUR goal and then how much time you can realistically dedicate to training. If it’s 20 mins, just three times a week, GREAT. Just do it!

7. Train effectively. Just because you’re at the gym 6-7 days a week, does not give you an advantage over someone who can only manage 3 days and has the same goals; if you are not training smart. Someone who has proper form, technique and is focused 100% on getting reaching their goals, is going to get where they want to be. Get a trainer if you need, a tailored program written up, but focusing on you for that time you put aside will help you. Commit to it.

8. Sleep – get 7-8 hours. BOOM, there goes 1/3 of your day and really life. Don’t even deprive yourself of it. Be alert, feel fresh, and recover. This will help you use the other two thirds more effectively. There are enough studies out there that say you need sleep that I don’t need to back up my opinion. I just know that if I sleep for 4 hours over a few nights in the week, I’m vague, my training suffers, I want more coffee, snacks, and I make more mistakes. It throws me out. Aim for SEVEN if eight hours is unthinkable in your circumstances.

9. Prioritise YOU first, and then you’re nearest and dearest. Amelia ( reminds me that if we do not do this, how can we be there for others. She gave the analogy of if you are in a plane you fit your air mask first and then help others. Same with life every day, look after you, feed yourself, rest, recover. If you do this, then you will be able to help others better and do a better job. If you are always helping other people and neglecting YOU, you won’t really be much help and will burn out.

10. Lastly something I touched on before, SWITCH OFF from the world of technology every so often. Reconnect with reality and always review where you’re at. In home, in work, in personal interest and in your relationships. To be successful for me starts from the basics and has nothing to do with money. Yes, I may be able to train during the week, work 3-5 jobs, see my friends, catch up with people on weekends, in lunchbreaks or after work and go on sneaky trips. But if I’m lacking in maybe getting my food organised, paying bills, getting my work done on time then I’m not really going to be happy at the end of the day… I’m just being ignorant and something has to give.

You need to believe you can do everything you want it just takes a little bit of planning, commitment and dedication MOST of the time around things that aren’t negotiable. Set time aside to get your life in order, put pen to paper, talk out loud to a trusted friend or mentor, draw on the people that are already doing crazy things with similar circumstances and ask how they do it. Once you hold yourself to your standards and work ethic, you will then see more opportunities around you. You will also be around people that have that self respect and believe in themselves too and who know the hard work is worth it.

So I hope this gave you an insight into how important the basics in life are to me, how time can be managed if you know what you have you work with and that what I find important has nothing to do with being the best or earning gazillions. It’s about enjoying my life and always remembering what’s important along the way to get me where I want to be, doing what I want to do, with the people that I love along the way.

REMEMBER: Someone is going after what you want in life while you’re ‘too busy’ reading this! So get off my blog…


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