Meal 1 – Wholegrain Oats, Eggs, Cinnamon, Blueberries

Meal 2 – Tuna, Potato, Greens

Meal 3 – Chicken Wrap, Mixed Colourful Salad

Meal 4 – Almonds, Apple, Shake

Meal 5 – Big Cheesy Pizza

If I wrote I had the above and said ‘this is what I eat’ – who out there would question me on it? Ask for my quantities and why I eat certain things? Follow what I wrote to a tee for days and weeks on end? Never faulting from it and even if you did follow – what would be the end result? I’ve seen it before. The questions start to follow,  asking everything from ‘how many eggs’, ‘how do you cook that’; to ‘do you train before meal 1 or after’ and ‘what kind of cheese on your pizza?’

Well this is NOT my meal plan. As I don’t know you personally and I didn’t write it for you (sorry, did I get your attention though…), so unfortunetly I have no idea if it will help you or harm you.

If I happen to be asked for my meals and I do put it out there, I could and may do at time to time– I just know that not everyone in my audience knows that what each person eats everyday is really personal to them and maybe investing in advice or educating yourself is the best option to get you where you want to be.

When someone who you see as an ‘inspiration’, maybe it’s quite guy at the gym that comes in trains insane, and you just see him year after year, looking better and better.  Do you first ask what he eats? Do you judge them on it and question it? Maybe if this is you, think about getting some personal assistance with getting to your own goals? Invest in some advice from someone you trust knows their stuff.

So do you judge others meals when you personally don’t look the way you want to? Each to their own i say. In my mind there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ there are just good choices, better choices and best choices.

I look back on what I ate five, ten, even fifteen years ago and it has continued to change. The same story when looking forward as I develop, change my goals and experiment with the food this world has. We are really blessed to be able to choose how we live. There are no rules when it comes to food, just disgusting mixes, and even potential health hazards. I also know that I am not perfect and saying so would be a massive overstatement as I really haven’t reach my own personal level where I feel I can tell you whats best for you.

Currently my thoughts are that if you have a fat loss goal in mind, seek advice and listen to one person.  There are too many factors to take into account to be able to provide advice to others and what worked for me may not be best for you.

When someone is writing a plan they take into account a history of that person. There are intolerances, allergies, illnesses, maybe you don’t like certain food, the way your day is structured, your financial situation, where you live, what’s available, how you live (with a family, roommates or yourself), your body composition, training regime, past and future conditions. Maybe you have had eating disorders, maybe you have ‘tried everything’, have issues with high/low consumption of certain things, you are on medication… the list goes on of what I think is important to assist in reaching a goal to do with fat loss.

The longer I work with someone, the more of a personal connection is formed and it enables that person to help provide better advice if asked.

Something else to note other that the investment in a tailored food/meal plan is that nothing works unless it’s worked. You can put money into anything; get it down on a piece of paper but following through it is where you see the hard work and dedication pay off.

Just on fat loss (as this is something that I try to achieve in conjunction with muscle building phases), you need to buy and prepare all the food as written, you need to have it with you at all times, if out, at work, or at events. You need to feedback and follow or what you have written down is really just not worth anything. All the pretty pictures of food and inspirations in the world aren’t going to get you to your goal unless you put the work in.

That said, the variety of choices of what you can eat to reach you goals are huge and it may surprise you what combinations you can create. So whether you prefer simple plan food, to having more variety and exciting food, believe in a raw diet, are a vegetarian, or you want peanut butter and chocolate everyday – there are choices that will suit you so it becomes a lifestyle. Getting a handle on your love handles is all about creating habits that fit in and instead of trying to always find to solution, you are able to live your life and naturally find what works for YOU.

In the end, food should be fun, yummy and nutritious – not a chore.

Tailored Meals Plans to reach your goals by Amelia Ricci, Sports Model & Fitness Trainer




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