Being able to spend the last few weeks with girls competing this year and hanging out with others close to me that are setting personal goals for the future, it’s no bigger time to see that the people you surround yourself with have massive effect on how you feel about doing what you do. The Living Beauty team, past, present and potential are such an amazing group, each with their own stories that I feel privelged to witness and even be apart of their goal smashing!

Even if we may dismiss the passing comments of people, some words get to us. We may start to question ourselves, our goals, our training, the food we are eating even if we are doing everything 100%.  It’s hard enough dealing with our own self talk, then the passing feedback of others as well.

Strong minds become stronger with the right support. If you feel like you are mentally going over and over the opinions of others in your head, it’s time to reach out to a trusted source. They do not need to be a relative or a friend that you normally spend time with. It may just be someone that you know actually listens without judgement and will get you back on track. Remember  it’s ok to feel a little lost, just know there are people that will help.

Supportive friends, co-workers, relatives, spouses and partners that understand the reasons behind what you are trying to do will offer encouragement when you need it most and help where they can. Being social while going after something that is quite selfish and personal is SO important to your wellbeing.  Just think, after you reach your goal, you would ideally love the people that support you to be there to share in your achievement.

Those who have reached a personal fat loss or muscle gain goal or are doing it, know they need all the support they can get when trying to change or maintain your physique.

We all hear the comments – from those people you work with that question everything you eat, comment on not touching the doughnuts offered. ‘Friends’ may continue to pressure to go to dinners, drink alcohol and sugar filled drinks that they consume or give up training sessions. Your family or partners may insist on stocking up the house with chips and ice cream, or your relatives may cook cakes and put the guilt on you.

Then the physical comments that you are getting bigger, skinnier, looking tired, you are ‘always in the gym’, ‘obsessed’ or they just do not understand why you do what you do. Even comments come from random people you don’t even know, be that negative or positive.

Thing is, at the end of the day, it is difficult for anyone to stick to a healthy routine, and it’s especially difficult when you are trying to lose body fat. So a support network surrounding you is essential to help you on the journey and after the goal is reached.

As I personally develop, I am getting better at how I use the comments of others to my advantage. It is true that most comments are reflective of that people themselves and not actually a dig at you. If their energy is used to think about what you are doing, you must be doing something awesome.  If you find yourself in a difficult conversation, try to change the subject to something the other person is passionate about – a holiday they may be planning or event they are looking forward to.  This will normally work in your favour or you could just acknowledge that that’s the way the person is and if they do not respect what you are doing. Accept this fact and move on.

So check in with your foundations, remember the reasons for doing what you do, how sticking to your plans makes you feel at the end of the day knowing  you gave everything your best shot and how you will improve on it all tomorrow. You will not only develop as a person mentally and physically, but you will find the quality of the people around you, who are supportive of your goals in life and you can also be supportive of theirs. Know by doing this you will find success in it all.

There is no time for negative energy in your realm and if you find it creep in, deflect it with a smile and walk away – just make sure in the direction of YOUR ambitions in life! Let’s consider it cardio.