At work I have over 500hrs sick leave (70 days, not that I’ve counted)… so I must be doing something right or Im just not taking enough sickies.

Trust me, Im not one of these people that get sick then still go in and infest everyone. The only thing I am mindful of is getting enough sleep and making sure if people are sick, they go home and rest. It’s not worth dragging the bug out! Kill it with kindness.

SO what are some basics I would say that I do that help me? Well below are just a few things I try to incorporate often to stay on top of my internal health system. Being PROactive rather than REactive.

(Ps. Im not a doctor, I’m a office worker that avoids the plagues so please research and check in with your practitioner before you go on a self help mission)

*Have rest days or make sure to rest at least when I can. I’ve been known to take rest quite serious 😀

* Staying active throughout the year doing things I love. Whether it be walking, lifting, sport, group fitness… Keeps my happy endorohins pumping

* Green supplement drink with lemon first thing most days (thanks Urbanbodyworks!, have loved this)

* Good old Vitamin C (quality vitamin form/food)

* Glutamine (supplement powder)

* Quality probiotic

* High quality multi vitamin (covers yourself if the bases haven’t been)

* Water, water, water

* Consume fresh garlic -stinks, but has anti-yuckiness properties

* Use fresh herbs, lots of green/coloured veggies in as many meals as I can

* Freshly squeezed lemon juice -alkaliser, helps absorb minerals. Ziggy amazingness. HOLD the 3 shots of Vodka ha!

Guess the key things are to just do the little things well so you can tackle the BIG things!



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