After having a session with a Personal Trainer yesterday (needed to kick my bootay), having a big catch up a friend last night, laughing alot, and then today seeing pictures from clients of Living Beauty (check her out –


I was never really gone, however going away for the ANB Asia Pacific and coming back to work, it’s been a little crazy. My work, like many of you out there, is highly stressed, deadline driven as well as dealing expectations of others. Many times I think to myself ‘choose your attitude’ and the best thing I can do is keep building good relationships and communicate effectively to get the best outcomes. I have to be ON GAME for the majority of the week to pay the mortgage, bills, and occasionally eat some food (ok eat ALOT of food) so looking after myself is important.

People say ‘Do what you LOVE’ and I do. I love my job, everyday and situation is different. So whether you are a tradie or an office worker, or a trainer in the gym, you will always have your days and moments, the highs and the lows, the times where you want to give it all up. However if the majority of the time you know what you are doing is making a difference, challenges you and makes you feel of value, even if there was no pay check, then keep doing it!

So what do I have to say about my leg session yesterday –I tried not to abuse my trainer, I did. I tried not to say I can’t – I did. I attempted to stand after – I couldn’t. I’m hurting, in a good way, and it was needed after the massive two weeks I’ve had and also to get me in the right mindset for the plans I’m making. Thank you for Tobi who runs Fresh Fitness for not holding my filthiness against me and kept giving me more. Do yourself a favour and LIKE his page

LEG SESSION: We did Leg Presses, normal, narrow, wide stance – different reps ranges/weight/supersets, lying leg curls, walking lunges, walking lunges with a pulse, leg extensions, leg extension with holds, deadlifts, leaps and sprints…. may have chickened out on the single leg squats he had planned cause honestly my quads had no idea what was happening to them. I have alot of work to do to be able to do that session completely. That’s why I will keep going. Always improving.

Also feel free to read this gem for the typical thoughts going on when someone trains legs – Thank you for sharing Mark who trains the beauty SA ANB Asia Pacific Champion Belinda Walker!

So now I’m back – I’ve bought new work out gear, I’ve re-jigged my training and nutrition, I’ve got supplements/vitamins ready on order to hit me tomorrow (BCAAs, Glutamine, MultiV, Fishoil, Probiotic, Greens supp, Protein and something for focus/memory are my standards) and I have my Tupperware ready to go. But how do we break that plateau and find our mojo when all these things are ready and I’m thinking of throwing in that towel instead of whipping up the mess? I thought I’d throw these in to look at if you are not seeing results and stay motivated:

  •  How’s that diet?? Is there a little too much junk, not enough good stuff. Calories intake, amounts of macros, level of essential fats, too much too little? Are you prepping your food so you know what’s in it or are you eating more on a whim? Lock it down!
  • Cardio – too much, too little? Are you more focused on checking out the talent at the gym then ripping up and burning that energy? Intensity – have you got it?
  • Training – do your techniques need tweaking? Can you throw in variables of reps, do different sets, change your weight so you feel it, time of sets, time you rest breaks.
  • BIGGY – People you surround yourself with. This doesn’t mean to chuck in the old and get some new ones, but people can freak out when you make changes. They do not need to understand or follow what you do. Ensure you have at least one person that you look up to, that gets you, that understands you want to be better. Keep them close and make sure you know their goals to help them. Make a dream team where you both become great, while maintaining your other relationships and not forcing people that don’t really want to understand, to understand. It’s not worth your energy. If it’s important to you, you are healthy, it shouldn’t matter. Understand it’s ok to be different and stand out and keep moving in the direction of your goal.

So going back to yesterdays leg session, as I was in a different gym to normal yesterday, a group of 3 amazing woman came up and introduced themselves about wanting to compete in 12 weeks at the fist ANB show (open model and fitness model). Suddenly my legs didn’t matter and I was able to speak to people about something I loved – BODYBUILDING BABY! I remember when I set the goal to compete and not knowing who to go to or what to do.

Lucky that this gym has some great contacts (most places do – go out and find the right people), and I was able to speak to them for about 10-15 minutes about their goals, short and long term. It reminded me that I do love my coaching and how far I have come, but also the basis people need to know when starting out.

Also an advantage for people curious is that the ANB also run a great workshop for competitors, trainers or people looking into just reaching their goals. Because of the demand there is another workshop in August – one day for models and one day for bodybuilders. It’s a truly inspiring day and you can take alot from it (Tickets – –



I always try to remember where I came from on my journeys, whether in work or life, the struggles, who has helped me, who listened through all the times where beliefs may have waivered. I am not the person I am today without going through each day, testing life out for myself.

There are people out there that come into your life for a reason and others who get off the ride when it’s their stop. I never push people to understand what I do or why I do it, I don’t push my opinion or believes onto others as each person has their own agenda. I can just do my best with what I have and keep that fire burning for developing more. So getting to a workshop like Get The Edge is a great start to find like minded people and keep learning and giving back to the industry you LOVE.

My goal for the next 12 weeks is SET! This week for example I have a big meeting at work tomorrow, I have some training sessions with friends to push each other, I have a few coffee/peppermint tea dates locked in. I choose to compete this year so I bring something better than before. I know I can get leaner, with more muscle but stay healthy and ridiculously good looking (ha!). I can also keep striving in my life as an employee, in my work, as a daughter, a sister and a friend. I know I am stronger than I was a year ago, and I know with consistent commitment and challenges I will get to where I want to be…. even help others along the way see their potential. Lots to get excited for.

So… how bad do we want it??

Three P’s – Persistence, Patience Perspiration baby!

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