On my way to Gold Coast from Adelaide there was so much chilling and thinking time. Really reflected on the last years trip and also how much Ive leant since then. We wont get into all the deep stuff on a Friday but I’m really happy with my life!

I also had my chance to read the lastest Natural Bodz and got my all excited for the next few years ahead. So many opportunities and Im more open than ever to let them happen! Steve Jones writes some great content and features the everyday chicken eater, weight lifter and family member as an ‘athlete’. He also shares some of his past which just reminds me I still need to keep on following my loves.

I even read each page to see the effort of detail that has gone into the publication and got really excited about who I will get to meet this weekend,  what I can give and also take back to Adelaide.

So this last week as always I do as coach says. Thats a non negotiable!

Being an Interstate comp means I think about the following ontop of what I would normally for a state/local comp:

Food: I like to pack all my protein meals/freeze/portion and buy fresh what I can here asap.

Accom: I also stay in a studio appartment if I can, I like a good fridge and ways to make my food. Really looking forward to getting my room. Restttttt 🙂 I booked it the cheapest I could by using two methods- one through wotif.com.au and the other via the competitor deal. The hotel has cojoined so Im in the same room for 4 nights. Sometimes I stay with family or but I always book close to the venue .

Providers: For competitions interstate I always find my providers before I leave or work out how to do things myself. For this comp, I knew a few people from last years event that were really nice and also amazing. Theres also no harm in doing all this yourself. Travelling interstate means you do not have your normal support crew. I travel alone most the time, and have leart to rely on me, myself and I for many things.

Flights: Book as soon as you can with enough time to get organised and relaxed. Also I try not to interupt work, but I have 4 weeks leave a year and needed to take a day or so off.

Travel: This comp has shuttle buses. In other states where I have family, Il have a car. Queensland its not really needed as its so easy to get where you need to go here. Helps Im familiar with the Goldy. Been here every year for holiday the last 5 years.

Packing: Have this down to a tee! Bikinis, sportswear, themewear, dress, tan kits, make up kits, towel ontop of what you would normally need and dont forget the food in your freezer or your toothbrush!

Most importantly I’ll be taking it all in and making it as much as a holiday as well as a comp. Few photoshoots, few catch up, one full day struting. Easy as bro! (shoot me any questions… gemmalivingbeauty.com.au)

I was able to travel interstate for Nationals after my first ever comps in 2010 unexpectidly, but so easily because of my coach and support of my good network. Really I had all the tools I needed, it was just in a strange location. This is where a coach with that extra service in travel and your wellbeing, giving you tips on what you need to

do to prepare for comps from the very first time you are under them, comes in handy. Ive used Living Beauty (www.livingbeauty.com.au) stage prep tis for every comp! This has nothing to do with food and training, it’s all those little things that separate a ‘model’ prep coach to any other. Thankful for all the help Ive had along the way, learnt to train harder and will continue to do so, learnt I live being fit and healthy. But this is all those extra things you may not think of before you set your goals.

Update after Media Day shoot…. Stay tuned

Gemma Dawson

Blog writer for the Australian Natural Bodybuilding website

Featured Athlete/Competitive Fitness Model and Motivational Personality

Assistant Coach and Online Trainer through www.livingbeauty.com.au

‘Get HEALTHY and you NATURALLY get LEAN’ – Gemma Dawson