So the ANB Asia Pacifics this weekend and Im flying up from Adelaide for a fun filled weekend.
I’ll be at the Media Day Saturday AM and compete on the Monday. Keep them eyes peeled and come say hello if you can. I love coming away from these events with more friends and the industry is full of amazing!!

Now preparing for comps is a tough goal. Being a Living Beauty, Amelia is my coach ( Just yesterday I was complemented on my glowing energy, my parents saw Im still happy and healthy and Ive really embedded my beliefs and continue to improve over my preps. Everything from what I wear in the comp, to beauty prep, providers I use, how I treat others and myself, looking at opportunities all are apart of being coached by Amelia. I also have a post comp plan already and it’s all above board so I not only stay my fit self, but incorporate even more creativity, good food and appropriate level of training.

Even at work, I exceeded my expectations over the last year with development and my end of financial year results will reflect this. Just doing my job 🙂

My post came from being realistic and fellow human. I may seem positive in life and writting, but that doesnt mean I dont have my moments. The month of May is particulary hard for me but I got through it thanks to my support. It had nothing to do with prep, but I found myself not happy at times, and really needed to dig. Motivationals were unmotivating, I was sleeping in, I switched off my phone more and just wanted to be alone. Lucky I snapped out of it. Reflecting it was spending time with my support circle, going on walks with them, getting a massage, receiving funny texts from my best friends and having my work reviews instilled Im valued.

So with that behind me I thought no better time to share some happy tips!!

So are you missing the tans, Havianas, sunshine and BBQ’s? A change of seasons bring people indoors more. Maybe your less social or hate being pasty and covering up all that sexy in trackies. During this time it’s ok to be sad, upset, angry, but never forget that people care about you

Here’s some cheer up tips from me:
* Do FREE stuff: Everyone loves freebies! Crack a smile, get a hug from a friend or spend quality time with your Winter partners in crime- Instant mood lifters!!

* Have NATURAL energy by eating natural food: A good veggie soup is perfect in Winter, or pack seasoned fruit and veg to eat during the day when your out. Good food. Good mood. If you need meal idea or a plan check out for the blog and package details

* MOVE it: You knew it was coming but it’s true and works for me. Set a physical goal to hit by the end of each week, to get to a goal, say in August or September. In Adelaide, that for me was the City To Bay held mid September and started my love for fitness

* Couch potatoes with COMPANY: See a movie, watch DVD’s play Xbox just to catch up with friends and loved ones. Just spending time with others even if you don’t feel like it can make you feel if value

* Donate some time to YOU: Get a massage, relax, unwind, try stretching your neck, shoulders and legs out, girls paint your toenails a bright happy colour and guys do something manly that you love to do in your free time, who knows what you guys get up too, secret manscaping session maybe 🙂

AND my favourite:
* Show GRADITUDE: Be thankful for one thing a day. It could be that you have a job, that you are physical healthy, that someone helped you out, be nice to the checkout chick, talk to the guy that serves you that amazing coffee about his day and thank him. Choose one thing, each day to be thankful for.

If none of these help, and your still in a rut, please speak out.
My friends at work are raising money for beyond blue, check out the link for details.

Stage time – 4 sleeps!!