Most days we have challenges to face. From the very simple need to get out of bed when it’s cold: to getting through a somewhat bad situation that may come unexpectedly. At times there can be so much internal dialogue that it may get overwhelming and you are tempted to give up.


Personally, I also can have self doubt that will eventually reflect on the outside, my mood and performance.  To pull out of a destructive ‘rut’, we need to change our thinking and switch it to the positive. Give ourselves positive distractions so we persist with our goals.


Instead of ‘what if I’m not good enough’ – try ‘these people want to see me do well and I want to do well!’ – Instantly lifts you. Enhance your results up with positive reinforcement and realistic outcomes if you persist.


As strong as I may think I am, I know I am not always ‘on game’ and always try to thank my support network. Gratitude is an amazing value I hold myself accountable to give. I find the more challenges I set, the more I appreciate the friends and people around me.


Now not everyone I know lifts weights and eats chicken, nor would I want them too (I like to be different… and will probably change if they did). So here are the 5 types of supporters you can have:



These are the people that always willing to encourage and support you. They are the cheerleaders on the sidelines (minus the pom poms) who truly believe in you and your ability.



The ones that question your ideas, that can shift your thinking



These are your role models or people you look up to. Their opinion you value as you respect their knowledge  and status in the world



These people have the bigger picture at the ready for you. They have amazing vision. They remind you of the goal, why you started and how you planned to get their.



These people you always smile around. It’s light, it’s happy. They bring the fun and spark into your days. Smile when you think of them.


Now think of at least one person that can fit into each. There can be more… and write them all down. Then go even further and think:

  • Do they know you think this about them?
  • Do you show them you appreciate their support?
  • Have you thought about them not in your life?

Have your list ready and do not be afraid to call upon them when needed. We sometimes can give too much energy to those who aren’t supporting us; and can forget about the ones in corner of the ring with us, cheering us on. The ones with a ear to listen, or to pull us back on track and make us push harder.

People won’t always nod and smile or care about what you do too – this doesn’t mean they can not be in your life or that they have to. Guess we need to understand that not everyone will like you, and you need to be ok with that.

I get so much by keeping my life open to people who want to be apart of it. From the party people, to the grannies, to my peers at work or the strangers that then become friends.  Makes for a much nicer supperted journey.

REMEMBER: Life is not an express train. People will get off their stop and others will be in for the long haul. MIND THE GAP!

Gemma Dawson –

Blog writer for the Australian Natural Bodybuilding website

Featured Athlete/Competitive Fitness Model and Motivational Personality

Assistant Coach and Online Trainer through

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